Prestone 90 years anniversary

The longevity of a product is one of the things you should consider when you’re looking for a brand that’s reliable, trustworthy, and of quality. The Prestone brand just proved that – and they have 90 years of existence to back it up.

The car care solution company started their journey in 1927 in the US, where the need for an antifreeze solution is rampant due to the perils of winter driving. At that time, methanol, in combination with other substances, was mainly used but due its odor and flammability, the need for a better product arose.

That’s when Prestone came into action with the introduction ethylene glycol. It’s a non-flammable, odorless solution that’s equally effective as methanol. Since then, the company continued to flourish, partnering with big car companies such as Ford, GM, and Chrysler US – all using their products in their brand new cars.

Today, the Prestone brand continues to provide car care solutions globally, as well as in the Philippine market. Their products mainly consisting of brake fluids, coolant (since we’re in a tropical country), and other functional fluids.

They have also partnered with local companies such as Victory Liner, Toyota Forklifts Philippines, and fleet customers of Mitsubishi Motors Philippines. Aside from that, Rapide—a known auto repair network in the country—markets Prestone as their brand of choice.

It will be a year-long celebration for Prestone and our consumers. They can catch us on car shows nationwide. We have innovations lined up that they can watch out for, in our dedication to provide new solutions for worry-free vehicle performance,” said Prestone Brand Manager Monique Gonzales.

She also added that they will be launching ‘Anak ng Mekaniko Scholarship Program’ to give back to mechanics, who they consider as their silent partners for the last 90 years.

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