Still savouring his double-podium finishes from round 4, Taysan Mayor Dondon Portugal’s GT300 momentum looks to rage on, as he managed to extend his lead in the standings, following a victory against Veli-Matti Kaikkonen in the previous round’s 15-lap GT Main Race. With regards to this, if we do the Maths, Portugal technically has already won the GT300 Class Championship title. However, in order for him to be able to win the Series’ 2014 Golden Wheel Award, he still must give it all that he’s got to pull away from the pack and finish first.

Meanwhile in the GT200 Class, it’s going to be a tie-breaking opportunity, as both Joey Perry and Carlos Anton have 160pts each. Not far atop the standings at 187pts is Team Ethanworx R33’s Paolo Mantolino. Will Mantolino be able to maintain his lead? Who will come ahead between Perry and Anton? We will soon find out.

Down in the GT150 Class, Richmon De La Rosa is still in-command of the standings with an astounding 101 points ahead of second-placer Joel Portugal.. On-board his Honda del Sol, De La Rosa booked the previous two rounds in style, setting himself way ahead of Portugal and Dindo De Jesus, who ties third place with Raymond Ronquilio.

Lastly in the GT100, it’s “Consistency, Consistency, Consistency”, as Edwin Rodriguez proves with his Mazda Philippine sponsored Mazda 2. Although not the quickest car in the pack, it’s those consistent podium finishes that made the “Two” become the “One”, leading at 103pts ahead of Rhaffy Latorre.

The 2014 Yokohama Philippine GT Championship will enter its fith and penultimate round this coming October 25 and 26. There will be a 10-lap Sprint Race in the morning, followed by the Series’ 17-lap GT Main Race in the afternoon. Other support races slated for the race weekend include the Philminiracers Championships Series, VW KaFER Cup, Winds Formula Philippines, and the newly-formed Sparco Bracket Circuit Racing.

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