House of Representatives set to question NLEX and SLEX execs on RFID system failures

The Philippine House of Representatives is turning its attention to problems with the RFID systems on the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX). Deputy Majority Leader Rep. Erwin Tulfo is leading this action, concentrating on the recent traffic chaos blamed on malfunctioning RFID tags.

Motorists have been facing delays due to RFIDs not being scanned correctly at NLEX toll gates, especially during the recent Holy Wednesday traffic jams and congestion. 

The use of potentially low-quality RFID readers has been pointed out as a possible reason for the malfunctioning systems, according to Rep. Tulfo, as reported by the Philippine Daily Inquirer. The issue has now escalated to the legislative level for a more thorough investigation. 

The situation has also instigated Speaker Martin Romualdez to call for a closer examination of the issue. Thus, the House plans to bring in executives from NLEX, South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), and the Toll Regulatory Board (TRB) to figure out what’s causing the RFID malfunctions and how to fix them.

“Not only NLEX but also SLEX and Toll Regulatory officials will be convened by the Speaker to find out what steps they are taking regarding the malfunctioning of RFID at some toll gates. The Speaker wants to know if it’s their RFID reader or RFID laser that is defective and is causing this."

If the expressway authorities fail to rectify the RFID system issues, there may be discussions in Congress about reviewing their operating licenses, which could potentially open opportunities for other providers to propose alternative solutions. The involvement of the House of Representatives aims to get to the bottom of the RFID problems causing traffic jams on key highways. 

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