Survey says consumers want smart phone integration with their cars

The recent PwC survey reveals a trend among American car buyers: car-to-smart phone integration is becoming a demand these days.

The global provider of professional services sampled 1,584 consumers in the U.S. and the results show that 61% of them want their smart phones integrated with their cars. With the current advancements in mobility and connectivity, we’re actually not surprised.

While it’s true that smart phone integration brings convenience to the driver, there is a more pressing advantage that comes with this technology – safety. It’s naturally safer to drive when you have your phone integrated with the head unit.

Why? Because certain tasks while driving like taking calls, playing music, and navigation can now be done without taking your eyes off the road. You can now toggle those through the bigger head unit or through the steering wheel controls. Some high-tech cars even allow voice commands. Cool.

On the other hand, car manufacturers are aware of this trend too. Some have even developed their own software to further personalize the experience of the users. Examples of such are Ford Sync and Chevrolet MyLink.

Even the leading smart phone companies created their own software for cars. Apple has Apple CarPlay, while Google has Android Auto. Both have their own strength and weaknesses, but they meet at the same goal – convenience and safety.

With these said, it’s exciting to see what the future holds for smart phone and car technology. You’ll never know, this can become the norm sooner than we think. Do you still remember the time when power windows were such a big deal?

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