Suzuki plastic collecting drive

When it comes to Suzuki Philippines the first few things that come to mind are its motorcycle brand as well as its local lineup of vehicles such as the Suzuki Swift and Suzuki Ertiga. However,  as part of a bigger global brand, the Japanese corporation also has other dealings especially in the realm of marine technology.

Suzuki eco drive

Suzuki Motor Corporation in conjunction with its Marine Department is happy to announce that it has just developed the world’s first micro-plastic collecting device. The device was created with the brand’s goal in mind to continue in its efforts to help clean up the ocean and other waterways. The Japanese company states that the new micro-plastic collector it will be beneficial to countries such as the Philippines as it will help with keeping its coastline clean. Suzuki plans to have the device ready for sale for the Asian market by 2021 and will be sold as an accessory to its own brand of outboard motors.

While SMC did not go into great detail on how the micro-plastic collector works we assume it will function similarly to that of a filter. The Japanese brand has stated that it will be integrated into the cooling system of its outboard motors as they utilize seawater to help keep it cool. As the marine vessel moves through the water it will effectively function as a moving filter that will collect the micro-plastics. The collected waste material can, later on, be properly disposed of on land or at designated facilities.

With the new device, it will surely help the Japanese brand’s goal of helping keep the ocean and other bodies of water clean. Suzuki has already been doing its part since 2017 in the Philippines as it has done cleanup drives in Batangas. Likewise, the Japanese brand has also had similar other events in other parts of the country such as Bohol, Boracay, and Cebu just to name a few.

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