Suzuki PH launches all-new Super Carry commercial vehicle

Suzuki Philippines Incorporated (SPH) has officially launched an addition to the commercial vehicle segment – the all-new Super Carry.

Super Carry is brought to the Philippine market with the objective of improving business processes and operations especially among small and medium-sized businesses, which comprise more than 90% of the overall in the country,” said Shuzo Hoshikura, SPH general manager for automobile.

By bringing this light and compact utility vehicle into our shores, SPH targets to cater the needs of small to medium-sized businesses. The increasing demand for light commercial vehicles is evident as reported by the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. (CAMPI) – a 74.1% increase in sales for September when compared to the figures of the same month last year.

The all-new Suzuki Super Carry is compact – it measures 3,800 mm long, 1,562 mm wide, and 1,883 high. It’s also powered by a 2-cylinder 0.8L turbocharged Euro 4 diesel engine that has a maximum output of 32 hp and 75 Nm of torque. Suzuki claims that the fuel consumption of Super Carry’s engine is 22.07 km/l, making it less costly and practical even for long drives.

Despite its size, it offers immense loading capacity, with an area of 3.25 square meters and maximum weight limit of 735 kg. These figures give owners a small but tough workhorse that they can maximize the usage without compromising fuel efficiency.

Moreover, it has a maximum turning circle of 8.6 meters, which ensures maneuverability on narrow streets. In addition, with its ground clearance of 175 mm, it can conquer even unpaved paths to make sure that it can reach remote areas as needed.

As for the driver, the all-new Super Carry’s spacious cabin has flat seats that extend up to the passenger side. Cubbyholes, trays, pockets, and numerous storage spaces are also present for good use.

In addition to that, a large rear window is also available in the cabin for good ventilation. The seats are also lined underneath with thick glass fiber heat shields for better insulation. Moreover, the driver and passengers will be entertained inside by a 1-DIN audio unit with AM/FM radio, USB/SD interface, auxiliary input, and LCD display.

The Super Carry commercial vehicle is made up of high tensile and galvanized chassis for rigidity. It’s also resistant to rust, which ensures longevity of the car. This allows the vehicle to be configured into several body types, depending on the business need.

Aside from the default truck configuration (P479,000), it can also be configured as a utility van (P565,000), cargo van (P529,000), and jeepney body (P550,000).

The all-new Suzuki Super Carry is now available in the local showrooms.

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