Suzuki Philippines Incorporated is proud to announce the assumption of its new president, Mr. Akira Utsumi. Hiroshi Suzuki will be stepping down from his post, making way for the new president to take the helm by May 1, 2019. The former president will assume another position with Suzuki Motor Corporation (SMC) Japan after his term concludes on April 30, 2019.

The new president of Suzuki Philippines has extensive work experience all the major facets of Suzuki’s business. With experience in automobile, motorcycle, and marine industries, Mr. Utsumi’s credentials for the role add to his capability to carry out the role. The soon-to-be president currently holds sa General Manager position in SMC Japan and has handled various markets around the world prior. A former president of Suzuki Indonesia, and most recently, Suzuki Taiwan, Hiroshi Suzuki personally addressed his capability in a letter sent to us.

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for your steadfast support during my tenure in the Philippines and for the warm friendship that I will keep as I move to new endeavors. 
Please join me in extending our cordial welcome and utmost support, as Mr. Utsumi assumes his new position in Suzuki Philippines Incorporated.

With the turnover happening quite soon, we’re excited to see what Mr. Utsumi can bring to the table with his tenure as Suzuki Philippines’ new president. No announcements have been made yet about his plans to move the company forward, however one thing is for certain, a warm welcome is in store when he assumes his new post. 2019 is looking good for Suzuki so far. Apart from a new president, new models are making their way into the hands of dealers and consumers. Coming off of the momentum that the previous president has started, it will be exciting to see how much more is in store for Philippine car buyers in the coming months as Mr. Akira Ustumi assumes his post and starts making waves in the industry. 

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