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Suzuki Philippines has slowly begun to reopen its dealership network in the country. With the resumption of operations the Japanese brand has also taken precautionary measures that will help avoid the spread of the ongoing pandemic amongst its employees and customers. New guidelines have been released by the company for dealership reopenings.

In order to adapt to the “new normal” Suzuki Philippines has introduced an easy to remember to-do list dubbed Sanitize thoroughly, Maintain a safe distance, Adhere strictly, Reach people online, and Think Positively or S.M.A.R.T for short. The automaker says that those who are looking to visit the brand’s dealerships will see these new guidelines being followed not only through signs but in practice as well.

Through the brand’s “Sanitize thoroughly” will require employees to clean areas in the dealership that experience more foot traffic. Areas such as the customer lounge will be cleaned at least every two areas. Sanitation stations will also be available in areas such as the reception, negotiation tables, cashier windows, and service areas. Vehicles will also be sanitized in the shops as well as upon arrival from their designated distributor. Test drive vehicles as well as vehicles being released to customers will also go under a thorough cleaning.

In its efforts to promote safe distancing, Suzuki Philippines will be reducing the number of vehicles displayed at its dealerships. Meeting customers who are in the facility for transactions will also be reduced in order to keep negotiation tables uncrowded.

Those who have bought a car from the Japanese brand are highly encouraged to use Suzuki’s home delivery service for their new vehicle. If customers, however, choose to pick up their vehicle instead, they are encouraged to come solo for the handover ceremony. This is done to lessen the face-to-face interaction between people.

As part of its new health and safety guidelines Suzuki Philippines will require its customers to wear a mask when entering a dealership. Customers will also have to undergo body temperature checking prior to entering the facility. If the customer exhibits a higher than normal body temperature they will be denied entry into the dealership. 

To lessen face-to-face interaction the brand has chosen to utilize the internet in order to reach more people. Suzuki has even let customers book appointments, test drives, applications, and transactions online. The automotive brand states that the move to an online platform will be beneficial to both employees and customers.

Suzuki states that exercising these guidelines is a leap towards prevention against COVID-19. The Japanese brand also says that while keeping a physical course of action is good it is also helpful to keep a positive mindset about the current situation. The brand urges the community to distance themselves from negativity, stay healthy, exercise regularly, as well as foster positive energy amid these challenging times. Suzuki Philippines believes that by staying S.M.A.R.T its customers can experience the Suzuki way of life even with the ongoing pandemic.

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