Toyota GR Supra GT Cup Asia

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has officially launched its first online racing series dubbed the GR Supra GT cup Asia in the country. The details of the upcoming event were made known to the members of the media through an online zoom meeting. The aim of the new program is to not only help frontliners in the Philippines but to also scout out the top racing talents in the country as well. 

Donations during the event are highly encouraged as the Japanese brand will be matching the donations and using the funds to buy food packs for frontline workers across the country. With the onset of the still ongoing pandemic, TMP has had to cancel its popular Vios Racing Festival event series. However, In the spirit of keeping its Waku Doki experience going despite the ongoing health crisis, the Japanese brand has opted to move to the online medium instead. 

Because of the current situation, we have decided to postpone VRF this year for safety reasons. The good news is, our waku-doki spirit lives on. This 2020, we are launching the GR Supra GT Cup Asia – PHILIPPINES.

He continues by stating that “This e-motorsports program will not only continue Toyota’s racing legacy but will also discover the Philippines’ top e-Sports talents. We are very excited to find them so they can represent the country in our international races.”

TMP president racing

Filipino gamers who are aged 18 and above will get the chance to race against other participants as they battle it out to be one the representatives for the Philippines in the regional round of the GR Supra GT Cup Asia. Through the event, participants will get the chance to race Toyota’s flagship car the 2020 Toyota Supra in the PS4 game Gran Turismo Sport. Two classes are currently available for the public to freely join. It is important to add that registration for the event is completely free.

Promotional class - for novice drivers with no professional e-sports backgrounds

Sporting class - for intermediate and professional e-racers

The qualifying rounds for the event will start this July and will be concluded with the grand finals event in August. Interested participants are highly encouraged to check out Toyota’s Facebook page or its website for further information. Other classes such as Media and Celebrity will be created based on a different process. A separate registration will be conducted with details being announced later on.

It is important to note that in order to join one must have a PS4, a stable internet connection, an active PSN account from any region, the PS4 game Gran Turismo Sport,  and should be available in the evening as Toyota states it will hold its official elimination races after 8 pm on the soon to be announced race dates. Expect these elimination rounds to happen towards the end of July, the end of August, and towards the end of September.

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