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Toyota Motor Philippines has just expanded its myToyota phone application to include new features and more options to help you lower your running costs for your cars in the long term. The Japanese automaker has just added its Connect feature that lets you locate, monitor, and insure your Toyota vehicle with just a few taps of a screen.

With myToyota Connect, users can check the mileage, fuel level, and even the engine status of their vehicles through the “vehicle status” feature on the application. Aside from this the “My Trips” function also lets you track your vehicle’s incurred trips through a certain period and can be accessed with varying details including starting point destination, plus the amount of fuel consumed among other details.

The “Find My Car” function, allows the user to set boundaries or radial limits on which destination the vehicle is allowed to go to. Once the vehicle goes past that limit, the app either notifies the user or keeps a record of how many times the limit has been breached. 

The phone application can even give maintenance reminders to users which can be configured depending on the mileage set on the application. This also works in conjunction with service appointment features already found on the application. Together these features will help owners keep their Toyota vehicles in top condition. 

As a final addition, the Connected Toyota Insure feature has also been added to the myToyota Connect application. This rewards safe drivers based on their good driving habits and lowers their insurance premiums on their annual renewals. 

For now, the myToyota Connect feature has been rolled out for the Toyota Hiace and the Toyota RAV4 models with a two-year free subscription upon purchase. Toyota says this will be further expanded to cover other models once the application has been further developed. 

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