Toyota Suzuki partnership

One of the world’s largest automakers, Toyota Motor Corporation, and small car experts, Suzuki Motor Corporation, has forged a tie-up when it comes to advanced technology development and other operations.

This is following the announcement of the 2 Japanese marques’ plan to join hands last October 2016.

As reported by JapanToday, both companies have already agreed on the collaboration, which is expected to be officially announced soon. Toyota and Suzuki are looking to include financial alliance with the partnership, aside from research and development (R&D) and further improving green technology.

Tie-ups between automakers isn’t really news especially with the advantages that come with it, such as lower cost in R&D and sharing of technological ideas that will benefit both companies.

In this case, Toyota could gain from the expertise of Suzuki in making small cars. On the other hand, Suzuki could benefit from Toyota’s advanced tech development – traits they can apply to their current and upcoming vehicle lineup.

Although no further details have been announced yet as of this writing, the official announcement is bound to happen soon. With that, we can’t help but imagine what the future small cars from both automakers would look like – a segment that continues to flourish locally.

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