Toyota X Prologue teaser

Toyota Motor Corporation has teased a new vehicle called the X Prologue. Not much is known about the teased vehicle apart from the fact that it will feature a futuristic headlight design. Toyota has set up a microsite and a countdown timer for the vehicle, but apart from that, there is nothing that is alluding to what it could be.

The internet rumor mill has been working hard to figure out what it is, and so far a few popular speculations have come up. Some say that the X Prologue is an all-new vehicle, while others say that it’s an entirely new lineup of an existing vehicle. The general consensus, however, is that it (or they) will highly likely be an electric vehicle (EV).

Another possible scenario for the X Prologue is that it will be an electric SUV that will be made in collaboration with Subaru. It is important to note that Toyota announced in December of 2020 that it would be set to unveil an all-new battery-electric SUV in the coming months. The automaker also stated that the new vehicle would utilize its Electric Toyota New Global Architecture (e-TNGA) platform. Both companies have also announced that the vehicle would also go on sale under both brands similar to what they are currently doing with the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ.

There are still many other rumors floating around, however, one concrete fact that we can depend on is that the rumored vehicle will be unveiled on March 17, 2021. While waiting for that launch date to approach, Toyota could release a couple more teasers of the vehicle to further give hints as to what it could be, and if it will be an EV. In the meantime, all we can do is wait for the official launch date for the X Prologue to arrive. 

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