Volvo Philippines turns 20

Now on its 20th year in the country, it is very fitting that Volvo made this achievement known, and indeed they did. Last November 2014, Volvo turned 20, and marking this occasion was a grand thanksgiving party, held at the prestigious Long Bar in Ruffles Makati. A night of fun, feast, and fellowship, this gathering also served as Volvo’s way of further re-establishing its already strong relationship with the Filipino motoring community, its clients, and its partners in the industry.

The night was filled with great vibes, and it was amplified a notch higher with a trivia game, featuring random questions regarding Volvo’s history, and some of its iconic cars. Like a Christmas celebration, everyone went home with a joyous smile, especially those who’ve won for themselves a bevy of prizes, including twenty p20, 000 worth of GC’s for Volvo services, and twenty p2, 000 worth of GC’s for any Raintree Group of Restaurants. In addition, all of the night’s attendees were given a commemorative 20th Anniversary Volvo plates, thus stamping the occasion’s meaning even further.

“We would not have gotten to this milestone in our Volvo journey without the constant support of our business partners and clients. Thank you for rewarding us with years of loyal camaraderie and true friendship.” said Atty. Albert Arcilla, President of Volvo Philippines.

For the past 20 years, Volvo has led the way for a much safer motoring for the Filipinos. Recognized globally for its high reps of providing optimum automotive safety for both occupants and pedestrians, Volvo clearly has extended its technological expertise to the Philippines. Running accrues its entire line of vehicles is its commitment to people, safety, and innovation.

Priding itself with the warmest customer service for everyone who comes in and out its doors, Volvo will continue to be at the forefront of the local motoring scene, and will exhibit continued elegance and love for the Filipino automotive aficionados.

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