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It has been a while since we’ve seen a new sedan from Mitsubishi – the latest sedan that the company released here Philippines was the Mirage G4. Internationally, however, there was the Lancer Evolution Final Edition. The Lancer nameplate has since died with the exception of the Grand Lancer in Taiwan and China where it continues to roam the streets. It rides on the old platform of the last generation lancer but features the dynamic shield design language.

Mystery Sedan 1

Photos have recently surfaced on the Facebook group New Pajero Sport Club Thailand of what appears to be a new midsize sedan from the Diamond company. It carries Mitsubishi badging at the front and back, it also carries the dynamic shield design similar to that of a pre-facelift Montero Sport. It also strikes a resemblance to the Grand Lancer in terms of body and front fascia. 

mystery sedan rear

The kicker here is in the rear, it has tail lights you normally wouldn't expect to see on a Mitsubishi vehicle. Its taillights are pretty close to that of a Toyota Fortuner. The vehicle even has a VVT-i badge at the back, that is similar to that VVT-i badge that Toyota makes. 

Whether this is a new facelift for the Grand lancer or not this model still raises a couple of eyebrows as to what it really is. Absent from the vehicle is any sort of badging to help identify what it is or if it's really just a modified vehicle of some sort.

Aside from the vehicle being a facelifted Grand Lancer, another option is that it might be a refreshed Galant of some sort. But, this can be easily ruled out as the Galant nameplate has died in 2012. So, it is unlikely that it will receive an all-new model. To add to this, Mitsubishi has also shifted its priorities to SUVs and pickups.

What can you say about this seemingly-new Mitsubishi sedan? Are you digging its looks?

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