Yokohama offers FREE TeamManila T-shirts with every pair of tires

It's not everyday that a Japanese tire brand and a renowned graphic design studio work together for a special T-shirt project. We're talking about Yokohama Philippines and TeamManila, who are making a limited run of their 'Road Trip' shirt.

The T-shirt, available in black and gray for both men and women sizes, feature the Philippine map drawn using the tread marks of Yokohama's eco-friendly tire called 'BluEarth AE-01'. The new passenger car tire boasts that it can offer better fuel efficiency, reduce uneven wear, reassuring grip in the rain, and more comfortable driver – features that we think people would look for in a tire used for long drives. Or at least, that's what we're guessing.

The limited edition TeamManila t-shirt will be given away for FREE throughout the months of May and June 2015 for customers who'll purchase two (2) tires from participating Yokohama shops and retail outlets. They, however, failed to specify which kind of tire, so we're left to assume that the promo applies to their entire line up.

But if you don't plan on buying a fresh set of tires anytime soon, you can still buy Yokohama's limited edition t-shirt at all 11 TeamManila Lifestyle Stores nationwide.

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