One of China’s most successful automotive firms, Geely has been around since 1986. But back then, Geely was a refrigerator maker. Founded by Mr. Li Shufu, with financial help from his father, he forged Geely into its current status as a manufacturer of quality and inexpensive cars, targeted to the Chinese masses. As a politically-independent automotive manufacturing privateer, Geely remained as the only automotive firm in China that has no ties with the country’s state government, allowing it to grow more rapidly on a global scale.

The ‘90s saw its success as a motorcycle and small van manufacturer, and in 1998, it was finally granted an approval by the state government to manufacture and develop a competitive line of automobiles.

Global expansion was its next mission, and sure enough, after making ties with Volvo in Europe, its closest Asian neighbour was one of its first destinations. Here in the Philippines, Geely operates under the leadership of the AutoChina Inc. (ACI).

ACI began distributing Geely automobiles in the country in 2011 and almost instantaneously managed to gain a stable stepping stone into the highly competitive Philippine automotive industry.

Geely PH currently has three dealerships nationwide, located along North EDSA, in Cebu, and in Davao.

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