Isuzu mu-X 2018

P 1,318,000 – 2,155,000

Watch Isuzu mu-X car reviews, unboxing and other related videos to help you research your next vehicle.

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  • AutoDeal Unboxing - Isuzu mu-X

    This midsize SUV has an authoritative stance and size that’s sure to get attention while on the road. See how it looks like interior-wise with this #AutoDealUnboxing video.

  • 2018 Isuzu mu-X 3.0 LS-A 4x2 AT - Behind the Wheel

    The mu-X got updated just in time for the strict DENR ruling on emission standards. Now with the Blue Power engine, it aims to stay atop the tightly contested midsize SUV market in the Philippines. Can the new mu-X deliver? Here’s what Caco thinks. correction: the mu-X has a 6-speed automatic transmission with Sequential Shift

  • Isuzu's new RZ4E Blue Power - Launch

    Looking to buy an SUV this 2018? Isuzu Philippines, Inc. makes it harder for you by introducing the new RZ4E Blue Power engine - available in the mu-X and D-Max pickup truck. This Euro 4-compliant engine not only promises cleaner emissions, but better fuel economy figures as well. Watch.

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