Roof rack luggage straps are always useful

Long drives are blissful, especially the ones that involve provinces and beaches. But apart from the euphoria it brings, such trips are tiring and will drain out most of your mind and physical energy as a driver – and it's the perfect thing to kill the joy. 

So, are there any ways to make a long tiring drive a 'joy ride'? Well, yes. In fact, we listed down these useful items you may have thought you never needed. Aside from the essential things that should be in your car, we give you these 10 car accessories that will make your next vacation drive, a trip to remember.

Never get lost with the universal smartphone/tablet mount 

While the built-in GPS system is a standard for some vehicles, there are cars that don't have them or comes as a dealer option. If in your case, you're one of those drivers with a GPS-less car, this handy little piece of plastic with a suction cup on the end will be your best pal. 

Cost: Get a good quality cellphone mount for P400; while premium quality ranges from P600 and above.

Your back will never ache again with a portable lumbar support 

Are you one of those drivers who always complain about having lower back pains after driving? No, your not getting older (well, perhaps, you are) but anyone who sits for hours, with both muscles and brain in use, will surely experience back pain. What you need is a portable lumbar support, especially if your car is an older model. 

Cost: Mesh lumbar support starts at P300, while higher material such as memory foam and cushion with electrical massage begins at P600.

Never run out of your gadgets' juice with a multiple USB port charger 

Using navigational apps drains your phone's battery multiple-times faster than normal. On the road, a dead phone is as bad as a plane without an altimeter (the gauge displaying altitude level). No, we're exaggerating, but it's the last thing you'll ever want to happen when going on a long drive – particularly the ones that are out of town. In this case, get a multiple USB port car charger. 

 Cost: Standard 12V chargers have a price tag of P300 depending on the brand; high-end ones are twice the price, or even more.

Organize your stuff for an organized trip – buy a back seat organizer 

Did you know that an organized space lessens the amount of stress of a person inside it? More so, a well fixed area relaxes one's mind due to the proper order of things perceived by the eyes.

Cost: For as low as P200, you can have a good quality car seat organizer; more advanced organizers starts at P500, depending on the brand.

Additional luggage? Say no more with roof rack straps 

Just make sure you have roof rails, your additional large luggage are completely covered. This durable strap attaches from one side to the other, while another kind can be stretched to secure varying luggage sizes. 

Cost: You can order one online for a price of P900, a good quality one, while elastic straps are at P300 to P700.

Stay cool with a windshield sunshade 

There's nothing more irritating than hopping inside an oven-like car, especially after a stopover. In such case, waiting for a couple of minutes could delay your trip's schedule and would result to hot headedness. Avoid this by having a windshield sunshade to protect your cabin from the excruciating sun ray while you grab a snack during stopover. 

Cost: Foldable sun shades are usually tagged at P500 – P2,000; retractable variant usually cost the same, depending on the brand.

Record your trip with a dash / windshield camera 

Documenting your trip is recommended mainly because it is your frontline evidence if something ever happen. Not only will it serve as your security but you can also get creative with it. Why not compile the clips and make a timelapse out of it, pair some good chilling music, voila. 

Cost: For a fair quality dash cam, a reasonable P2,000 will do to get your trip covered.

For moms and dads with infant onboard, tada! A baby car seat 

In the Philippines, having this one inside a car isn't mandatory. This is why we still included it on this list. So mom and dad, you don't have to leave your infant to his/her ‘yaya’ just to go on a vacation, there's a baby car seat to hold your child in place. 

However, for this item, you should not settle for the cheap buy in the market. You wouldn't want a cheap piece of protection for your most-treasured one, do you? While today's cars offer ISOFIX as standard, which is responsible for securing certain baby car seats, most old models don't. In case your car has none, there are baby car seats that uses seatbelts to secure them in place. 

Cost: Due to the material and technology used for baby car seats, it comes at a costly price. Average price is at P10,000, which could come a little lower or higher depending on what brand you prefer.

Keep it cool pt. 2 with a removable/roller side window blinds 

While the sun shade protects your car during stopovers, window blinds reduce the amount of sun heat while on the trip. Available in many variations (roller, foldable, removable), window blinds are all that you'll be thanking for (aside from your air con), especially during afternoon drives. 

Cost: Foldable blinds come cheap at P300; remaining variants start at P500.

Stay fresh, get a car air purifier 

You probably never have hear of it, it’s a piece of device you stick in your power outlet and notice how it cleans the air inside your cabin. This is a great buy for smoking drivers (though cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health), as it also rid the smoke that comes inside the car. 

Cost: Get a good quality of this item for just P500. 

Now that you know about these car accessories, you are all set for that next scheduled trip marked on the calendar. And while maybe, yes, driving is indeed tiring, having these useful items on board could be a game-changer.

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