Top 5 things to have in your car for your summer adventure

It’s the middle of the summer, the sun is shining, the weather is warm, moods are uplifted, and you are also planning your next summer adventure. However, are you truly ready to start that road trip? Here are the top five things we think you should bring in your vehicle to maximize your summer adventure with your friends and family.

Foldable chairs

Foldable chairs are an essential item for nearly any adventure you can think of, whether it’s a beach trip, camping trip, or simply any out-of-town occasion for that matter. It allows you and your friends to sit comfortably and be at home out in the wilderness without having to soil your clothes. So don’t forget to pack your foldable chairs, and make sure everyone has their own chair to sit on as well.


Did you ever have a beach or camping trip with some warm beverages? Not so pleasant right? That zesty soft drink you have been sipping suddenly doesn’t taste world-famous anymore. The addition of a cooler easily solves that problem. You can keep beverages chilled for longer and also keep conversations flowing because you don’t have the hassle of finding the nearest convenience store to source ice only for it to melt once you get to your destination. 


Yes, water is essential, but a lot of people downplay the importance of a BPA-free water bottle. The water bottles that you buy in the grocery store or convenience store release harmful chemicals when exposed to heat, and in the Philippines, especially during the summer when the weather is scorching, these can pose some health risks. A BPA-free water bottle ensures that you stay hydrated without the risk, plus the majority of these bottles can also help keep our water cool for long periods.

first-aid kit

Always stay ready for any injuries, with the addition of a first-aid kit. A lot can happen on a road trip, especially when out in the wilderness. A first-aid kit ensures that you can treat any minor injuries quickly and effectively, as well as prevent infection. 

portable air compressor

Last, but equally as important as the things mentioned above is a portable air compressor. The last thing anyone wants on a road trip is the delay a flat tire can cause. A portable air compressor can ensure that your tires can easily be inflated at your desired PSI, or in the worst cases help you get to the nearest vulcanizing shop for a tire patch-up or replacement. It also allows for more flexibility and peace of mind when going off the beaten path.

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