10 commandments for a safer drive

Thousands of years ago, 2 stone tablets containing the 10 commandments were handed down to Moses. Those were the times where donkeys and camels are the primary means of transportation. But what if cars do exist in that period?

Considering the amount of erring motorists we have to date, we’re pretty sure that there will be more than 10 laws inscribed on the tablets. Violations like going above speed limit, driving while intoxicated, and using mobile gadgets, are amongst the few underlying causes of road accidents heavily commited by some drivers.

So, upon deliberation (and a moment of discussion with Morgan Freeman, a.k.a. "God"), we were given these 10 commandments for a safer drive.

Let this be a reminder to all road users out there. More people have been neglecting even the simplest road courtesy and we think it’s about time to leave those bad driving habits we got used to behind. Have a safe trip.

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