5 kinds of drivers you'll meet on the road

There are as many kinds of drivers as there are types of vehicles on the road. Just like cars, a few of them stand out and we've listed them here. Read on to see if you can indentify some of them or if you're included in this list.

The Novice

They just got their license a few weeks ago, and they drive like they're still in driving school - slow and indecisive. They are always in the minimum speed limit if the road has one, never the one to overtake, and miss turns which leads to a small congestion when they insist to make it. To their credit, they are really gracious in allowing you to merge and gives way even during traffic. This is where young and old people usually fall into, especially the latter.


From Breaking Bad’s first season villain who loved saying ‘Tight, tight, tight!’ They sprout during traffic, or whenever cars stop. They won't leave a space in front of them and won't allow you to merge, even if your lane has been closed and it's necessary. They are the reason why intersections with no stoplights are hell, and good luck if four of this kind meet at the center of the yellow box.

Once traffic has moved, they keep on finding the best lane and wouldn’t mind going between two lanes, long as he gains some inches from his previous spot. They’re also the one to get mad if you cut them off and will be angry if you honk at them for cutting you off.


That’s how we pronounce LBM sometimes, fitting for the people who need to unload their bowels immediately. They overtake, cut and try their best to beat the red light. Sometimes, they’ll be a bit conscious of others and turn on their signal light, albeit too late. Most of the time, they just really want speed over the safety of others.


A step above Labam, Plate drivers are above the law. They go where no one has gone, turning into one-way streets and counter-flowing in broad daylight (or at the cover of the night). Their cars do not have the standard plates, or they have additions like ‘”Office of the..”, “On Call” or an anniversary plate of an influential organization. 

If ever get stopped by an officer, name dropping is their game with a calling card as back-up.

The Ideal Driver

This is the driver that stays in their lane during traffic, turns on the signal lights a few meters before making the turn or lane change, and knows when to give way to other vehicles. They drive at the average speed of the road, follows the road signs and obeys the traffic light.

We hope that this could become a wake-up call to all of us to drive more carefully on the roads. Things can get stressful especially during rush hours, but that is no excuse to be inconsiderate towards others. Aside from that, we should also abide by the rules in order to discourage corruption. We all wanted a better system, so let’s start by doing our part.

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