Dashcams are small camcorders that help document events on the road. They’re commonly placed on the dashboard or in front of the rear view mirror to get a better view of the road ahead. But their purpose isn’t just videotaping journeys as this article shall explain.

Video evidence of road accidents

Let’s face it; accidents do happen, and proving who’s at fault and who’s not is important. Dashcams can help solve this as they provide video documents before, during, and after an accident. These files are crucial as they can serve as evidences should the case be brought up for trial.

Whether you’re involved in an accident or a fellow motorist who recorded how it happened in front of you, dashcam videos can help bring justice.

Defense against wrongful apprehension

Incidents involving some abusive traffic policemen are all over the news these days. These people have one motive in common; to extort money from innocent motorists through traffic “fines” or other means of cashing out. You can complain and assert your rights against them. If you find yourself at the receiving end of their schemes, your best defense is a dashcam’s video footage proving your innocence and their wrongdoings.

Evidence against road bullies or undisciplined drivers

Some drivers do think highly of themselves to the point of causing harm or unnecessary troubles to fellow motorists. Having a dashcam can work to your advantage against these people. You can fight back in a civilized manner via police report. The video will serve as strong evidence, especially if it shows the driver’s facial features and license plate in detail.

Monitor activities in parking areas

Many things can happen to a car when left alone on parking areas. These include other drivers unintentionally scraping it as they park. There are also instances when some people would try to break into (or vandalize) it for unknown reasons. Filing a complaint to the authorities is the best thing to do, and video evidences would help justify your claim.

Some dashcams have features that enable them to keep on recording even when you park the car and turn the engine off. They do require higher memory capacities and longer-lasting batteries for this purpose, which makes some of them come with a high price.

Speaking of price, some dashcams are sold below P1,000 with features like the said parking mode and the photo mode. On the other hand, models with goodies like dual lenses and GPS go well into the P5,000 to P15,000 range. That said, lots of looking around on online shops or electronic stores must be taken into consideration before buying one.

Filming fun journeys

Dashcams aren’t just for capturing the oftentimes harsh realities of being a motorist. There are also pleasant realities, and one of them is capturing road trips with your family and friends. With their ability to record long hours of footage, filming the journey from Manila to Batangas or Pampanga would be interesting. Why? Just imagine the funny or insightful memories you can play back and share with your loved ones.

On top of that, you can also review the entire trip to check out unique food places or resorts along the way. This would help you make the next trip to that destination a better experience.

The importance of a dashcam is not limited to just recording daily events on the road as having it can be a wise choice. It can help you resolve an accident issue and defend against oppression from bad people. Moreover, it can also bring more excitement on your family or barkada journeys.

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