Valentine's Day car treat

It’s February, which means the time to buy bouquets of flowers and chocolates has come. But for those who are not celebrating this year’s love month (due to some reasons that are odd to mention), why not spend some time with your one, true love – like your car.

With the hassles of everyday house-to-office travel, it’s quite certain that your car faces almost the exact amount of stress as you do. This in mind, maybe it’s time to show some care to it. Here are some non-verbal ways you can say ‘I love you’ to your car.

Car wash

Your car should be washed regularly depending on the amount of the accumulated dirt. And if ever you are one of those who breed dust and dirt on the vehicle, this might be the perfect time to take note of this: wash your car regularly!

However, regular visit to the car wash may be a great idea but personally washing your car would mean a whole lot different, well, for your car. By doing this, you can get to the littlest detail of your car. Trust us, your car would appreciate it.

Maybe, a clean car is the key to someone’s heart, don’t you think?


Exterior detailing doesn’t stop from having your car washed. This only leads to the next touch – waxing. Washing your car alone won’t give you that fresh-from-the-showroom look you’ve always wanted. And if in case you are not aware, waxing your car is your frontline defense against unwanted scratches. This is achieved with the help of the clear coat mixed in the wax, which seals the paint job of your car and makes it even shinier.

Think of waxing as a form of massage for your car. It doesn’t only make it look refreshed, but also takes care of minor scratches that are sometimes unseen by the naked eyes. Just like you, your car needs to pamper too.

Most people like it shiny and protected.

Interior detailing

Part of moving on is scrapping things from the past. While this is true, it could be a clue for you to evaluate your car’s cabin for traces from the past. Talk about juice-stained seat covers, sticky floor carpets, plastic wrappers, and other things unnecessary to enumerate (name it). 

This suggests that it’s time to maintain a healthy, hygienic cabin through interior detailing. After washing your car, it is always a must-do to clean your cabin too. Interior cleaning should include vacuuming, interior glass cleaning, and getting rid of the bad odor that has been there for a while.

With proper hygiene comes great confidence; great confidence leads to better courting performance.

Regular maintenance

Think about this: you get sick at times, no, not figuratively but literally – and getting sick demands proper care. Same with your car, proper maintenance is required after subjecting it to the hassles of everyday traffic. Ignoring this part would cost you unnecessary amount of expenditures. To avoid such inconveniences, following the scheduled maintenance by your respective service center is significant.

Or, on the other hand, you can opt to bring your car to your trusted mechanic to have it checked on a regular basis. Besides, safety is a crucial aspect, especially on the road. Such problems may arise if your wheels are not properly aligned, or tires are already worn out. Preventing any serious unnoticeable problems is one of the best ways to get out of danger.

Preventive maintenance is the best way you could save up money. More money means better date plans!


This is an optional thing to do, but aren’t you not happy about getting new shoes, sporty watch, and trendy clothes? Maybe, it’s time to let your car feel it too. In this case, you might want to consider pulling that excess savings and allotting it to modify your car. Why not dress it up a little? It might be asking for that sleek spoiler for its rear.

How well you look on the outside is not the only thing people look at. However, it is the first thing people notice.

Drive it right (Bonus)

All the abovementioned are a great way to show how well you care for your car. However, everything will all trace back to how properly you drive it. Aside from taking precautions on the road, you should also take note of the things you do in driving your car.

Proper seating position, hand placement, and correct shifting are only few factors that you should consider. With that in mind, you’ll have a safer and more comfortable drive.  

Everyone loves someone who do it right.

While your car may not be capable of feeling, is there anything to lose by showing some care for it? It carries you anywhere you wish to go – through flat and bumpy roads. So, why not go on a date with your ride? Besides, there’s an old saying: “You can’t love others right without learning to love yourself first,” and your car is a reflection of your personality.

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