5 Reasons Why To Shop With AutoDeal

Car buying has evolved, and AutoDeal.com.ph is proof of that statement. Buying a vehicle is no longer a taxing and footwork-heavy endeavor. Back then, AutoDeal’s founders thought, why does car-buying have to be so complex? Now, the process of buying a car can be done from the comfort of your own home, through secure channels, and through credible experts waiting to help you out. 

Reservations? Want to know more? If you’re inquiring about AutoDeal, we have five answers, or rather reasons, to share with you as to why shopping with us is better than the traditional method. 

AutoDeal dealership partners

AutoDeal is an official online retail partner for more than 20 of the Philippines' leading automotive brands. Through these partnerships, AutoDeal is able to connect with every dealership in a brand’s network. This enables online buyers to benefit from being able to price-compare brand-new cars at more than 600 dealers nationwide.

By working hand-in-hand with automotive brands, AutoDeal ensures a quality experience. All sales agents utilizing the AutoDeal platform go through a mandatory training session and are monitored based on their response time and customer feedback. Our team works constantly with dealers to ensure the swift facilitation of quote requests, inquiry responses, and test-drive appointment confirmations.

To add to that, AutoDeal contributes 10 to 20 percent of an automotive brand's total retail sales. 

AutoDeal Choice and Information

Thanks to our working relationships with automotive brands, we’re able to get information quickly. This enables us to house a wide variety of research content in a single location so that buyers interested in multiple brands can get everything they need in one place. We not only house up-to-date price lists and promos but have extensive tools like our car comparison and consumer reviews to give prospective buyers information that consumers won’t be able to get anywhere else. On top of this, our team of expert auto reviewers also constantly gets access to the industry’s latest vehicles and regularly posts reviews and videos to further add to the available information.

AutoDeal Efficiency

At AutoDeal we understand the importance of time and convenience. Our platform has been designed to help accelerate and efficiently facilitate parts of the car-buying experience.

When you request a quote or inquire via AutoDeal, we will instantly connect you with an official and vetted sales agent from our network of partner dealers. This process is facilitated through our market-leading technology which is installed at more than 600 dealers nationwide.

AutoDeal usage control

By utilizing AutoDeal you can empower yourselves before you ever set foot in the showroom. This way you can do multiple stages of the buying process without ever needing to leave home. With AutoDeal you can do the majority of the car-buying process at your own pace – while some customers still chose to visit the showroom there are many customers who only visit the dealership for the vehicle release.

AutoDeal Support

In addition to accessing the very best sales agents in the country, AutoDeal’s own customer support is constantly on hand to help you. We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of customers complete purchases and can provide specialist assistance when needed.

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