DIY Car Trunk surprise ideas for any occasion

The festivities and other celebrations were hindered by the ongoing pandemic. Anniversaries, birthdays, and even ceremonial graduations were turned into virtual gatherings which is a bit sad. Despite that, there are many ways to lighten up the situation, you can even spice up the new-normal setup with these great car trunk surprise ideas for any occasion. This kind of surprise is indeed applicable on any type of vehicle, be it a sedan, hatch, SUV, crossover, MPV, or even a van, it’s just a matter of knowing your theme and gathering all the decorations needed to be installed on your trunk.

Before you go ahead, however, make sure that your car is spotless inside and out. Make sure your car can complete the journey, and more importantly, make sure you don't have any junk inside your trunk! 

Birthday car trunk surprise

In the Philippines, this practice has become quite a trend even before the COVID-19 situation struck our lives. Up until now, some people are using this surprise method as a business, in order to properly utilize their car and earn extra money throughout this pandemic. You can even do this for yourself and extend your efforts for your loved ones, surprise them on their special day, it could be a birthday, anniversary, or anything that’s worthy of being celebrated. So without further ado, here are the following car trunk surprise ideas for any occasion. 

The usual birthday celebration might only come with your average balloons, cake, the mandatory pancit bihon for long life, and of course your favorite lumpia. Kidding aside, wouldn’t it be more thrilling to have a more unconventional surprise? With that said, you can also do a car trunk surprise for this, you can decorate your trunk with some balloons, confetti, a ‘Happy Birthday’ banner, and you can even place your gift and cake alongside with the decorations. 

Also, you can add other essential decorations that should complement your overall theme for the celebrant. Lastly, be sure to check your trunk or boot size first before getting all of the materials to be used for the surprise.

Probably one of the commonly used themes for this type of surprise often involves romance. Many ladies are indeed thrilled and touched by surprises, that is why many guys are doing their best just to make their girl extra loved and happy during special occasions such as anniversaries or monthsaries.

It is indeed a mortal sin to forget your anniversary, as many couples treat it as a sentimental moment to remember for years to come, therefore, you must be able to make it an extra special day. The pandemic has rendered the traditional anniversary date a hard endeavor to hold, so this could be something you could do to make the day super special. Preparing a romantic car trunk surprise should do the trick. One of the key elements in doing this for your partner is the inclusion of flowers and chocolates, you can even include some heart-shaped balloons, a banner that should further elevate the romance, and likewise, the gift can also be placed alongside with the decorations.

Marriage proposal car trunk surprise

Now if you’re ready to take your relationship onto the next step, then you might as well propose for marriage. With that, you can also decorate your trunk with a romantic theme as well, but this time, you're going to have to make it a bit more dramatic than your average anniversary or monthsary surprise. Aside from the flowers and heart-shaped balloons, you can even add some photos which are cleverly clipped on a wire or string in order to highlight all of the memories you’ve built together as a couple. If you’re planning to do this at night, then it's best to install some lights for that dramatic effect. Lastly, the proposal wouldn’t be complete without the ‘Will you marry me?’ banner and the ring.

This is quite an unusual setup but some people do gender reveals at their car’s trunk which is quite odd yet it’s more ideal this pandemic given that any form of gathering including baby showers and gender reveal parties are highly discouraged. With that, you can bring the experience to the couple through setting up your own baby-themed car trunk surprise. Since it’s derived from a usual gender reveal party, your primary colors for decor would either be blue for a boy or pink for a girl. Likewise, you can add balloons and even confetis for festivity, you can even add baby products and toys. Of course, the entire surprise wouldn't be complete without the ‘it’s a boy’ or ‘it’s a girl’ banner.

Aside from all the festivities and celebrations above, this type of surprise can also be used to deliver your apology for a certain person. You can decorate it in accordance with your theme just don’t forget the ‘I’m sorry’ banner which should serve as its main highlight. You can even add some balloons which brighten up the overall setup. Also, if it’s your girlfriend, then you might as well include a bouquet of flowers and chocolates just to soften up their hearts, therefore increasing the chances of you being forgiven.

So in general, in order for you to be able to do any of the aforementioned car trunk surprise ideas, you’ll be needing the following below:

  • Of course, the primary requirement for this is a vehicle of any kind where you can install all the decorations on its trunk.
  • Next up, are the decorations. Majority of the arts and crafts that will be used for this are available at your local bookstore, from the balloons to the banners, or online in your preferred website of choice. 
  • Other necessary items like the bouquet of flowers, lights, chocolates, and toys are then to be sourced elsewhere. You can find the following item in some supermarkets, at shopping malls, or through an online retailer. 
  • Remember to also add a sentimental element to your surprise! Photos, a special memento, or something that is important to your relationship. Also, make sure to be in a good mood on the day itself and remember, it’s the thought that counts! 
  • Lastly, of course, an important thing of all is the cleaning materials you’ll be needing once you finish the entire surprise. This is to ensure that your car’s trunk stays clean and spotless even after the event of making someone happy.

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