Cleaning Your Car

A lot of us take pride in keeping our car clean, but after bending over backward to get your pride and joy spotless on the outside, one might forget that the insides can be a breeding ground for all kinds of organisms that cause disorders or sickness. Like most soaps, you can’t fully kill off 100% of all germs, but there are a few steps you can take in a few key areas to make sure that your car remains a safe space with clean air and surfaces. 

Trash bag

Use a pair of gloves and a trash bag to limit your exposure. Clear out any items like tissue food wrappers or shoes. Germs love those kinds of surfaces, so if they’ve been staying in your car for a while, clear it out. Also, the trunk can be home to a few unmentionables or even some forgotten socks. Whatever it is, take stock and clear it out. It would also be a good time to check for any moisture especially if your car is on the older side. 


Where: carpets, seats, headliner, dashboard, cubby holes, and cupholders. 

Start with the basics, get all the big bits of dirt out of your car’s interior. Food crumbs, dust, and earth should be the first to go. Take out the mats in your car, and use a brush or a vacuum with a brush to loosen the particles that could be trapped by the fibers of the carpeting. Rubber mats should be easier to clean, but the base carpet of the car should be cleaned as well. The same goes for the seats and the headliner. 

Gloves and Sponge

Where: carpets, seats, headliner, dashboard, steering wheel, cubby holes, and cupholders

Shampooing your vehicle’s interior allow you to get those stains and other smaller bits of dirt and grime. From time to time, especially if your car is older, shampooing with the right products can potentially cut out foul smells and bacteria that may be lurking. The best way to do your interior is to use the appropriate products and methods. We advise that you also take your automobile to a professional if you’re unsure. Each surface has a particular product, make sure to use the appropriate shampoo or cleaner to avoid damage to the materials. A carpet cleaner should clean the carpet, a leather cleaner should clean leather, and so on and so forth. 

If you really want to be doubly sure of your car’s cleanliness, have the interior disinfected to tackle microorganisms and even viruses that are harder to deal with. Whenever products like these are used, it would be best to use a specialized solution as to not damage your interior – better yet, have a professional handle it. Especially with regard to the air conditioning. 

Air Conditioning Vents

Where: Climate Control System

Bacteria can build up in filters, and replacing these consumable bits will help you breathe easier. A fresh filter will be able to catch dirt and other small particles from the exterior, though it might not be able to block microorganisms of viruses. It can keep your air clean and free from pollen and other unwanted particulates. 

If you want really stay germ-free and clean, consider focusing on the items you touch on a regular basis, like your shift knob, infotainment, steering wheel, door handles, and even your key fob. Since these are the items that you interact with the most, it would do you well to give these items a good clean. 

While it is important to clean your car’s interior, consider being more careful with the fifth that you can track into your cabin. Before you get in the car, make sure your shoes don’t have mud or dirt. Make sure your hands are clean before interacting with the touchpoints inside your car. 

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