Car of the week GAC GS4

The GAC GS4 is not a common sight on the road and that is a little bit of a shocker given that  we’ve seen the model, that we’ve tested the model, and that we’ve actually given a few nods in terms of build, drive, and features. There are a number of things that we liked about the GS4, but here are five things that surprised us when we first got the GS4. 

2022 GAC GS4

If there is one thing that GAC is fond of doing, it’s circumventing your initial expectations. Nowadays, having a prejudice towards Chinese cars is totally valid given how some of our earlier experiences with the country’s automobiles weren’t that great. Now, however, GAC’s one of the brands that changed the game when it came to its build quality. The panels are solid, the car looks polished, and not half bad looking either. 

Of course, one of the cars that managed to surprise us was the GS4. When all compact crossovers start to look the same, the GS4 is a subtle standout, in a way that it looks like its own thing, but not in a garish or ‘out-there’ kind of way. There’s also substance stitched and installed into the car’s many panels and parts, and you can feel that just by sitting in it. 

2022 GAC GS4 Engine

While combing the specs of the GS4, we were wide-eyed at the fact that it actually has a turbocharger and 151 hp to spare. On top of that, it’s also nice to see that GAC was able to squeeze out 235 Nm of torque out of the 1.5-liter gasoline motor. For context, other brands will play in the 140 hp mark and 200-ish Nm mark. Because of that, we can safely say that GAC’s somewhere in the top 10 for its class in terms of power and torque figures. Other models come close, other-still are more powerful, but compared to the majority, we’re shocked that a brand like GAC gets this high in up with its 1.5-liter E-Turbo motor. The punch that the model has might surprise you, especially if you’re used to naturally-aspirated power. This new crop of turbo engines offers power, and torque but with the added smoothness and refinement over a diesel engine. You may smile ear-to-ear when you go flat out on the GS4. You have been foretold. 

2022 GAC GS4 Dashboard

There was a time when buying a Chinese car meant that you would have to make one or two sacrifices. Not anymore. GAC has dialed in the chassis of this car to respond well over the bumps and potholes of the roads you drive through on a daily basis. On top of that, the model is also quiet, doesn't rattle so much, and it's pliant to drive, even if your drive has a bit of spirit in it. Fully-independent front and rear suspension help keep this car planted and stable, and its design also allows it to absorb bumps mo matter what wheel gets affected. 

2022 GAC GS4 Rear Seats

The rear seat space of the GAC GS4 is quite cavernous. The dimensions of the car are sizeable, and you get up to 1,570mm of rear passenger space which is wide enough to accommodate three average-sized Filipinos and then some. The sizeable cabin will allow you to stretch out well, and the plush seating will keep you and your passengers comfy. 

2022 GAC GS4 Rear Quarter

For just P1,190,000, the GS4 will give you sticker shock, in a good way. Other cars of this class usually play in the 1.3 to 1.5 and beyond price ranges, but not the GS4. The GS4’s price point undercuts a bunch of other models like the Geely Azkarra, The Toyota Corolla Cross, the Honda HR-V, and more, but it offers bigger dimensions and a touch of premium for not a big premium. 

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