COTW Veloz

Back in the day, we knew the Veloz name as the top-of-the-line variant of the previous generation of the Avanza. But in 2022, Toyota made the decision to separate the Veloz name from the Avanza and sell them as two distinct models. At face value, it would seem like Toyota is just using a bit of marketing trickery to cater to two different demographics with one vehicle. When you peel away the exterior though, you’ll find that the Veloz is more than just an Avanza in a fancy suit and that there is a trove of qualities that set it apart from its MPV sibling. 

Toyota Veloz Front

On the outside, you’ll instantly notice where the Veloz and Avanza diverge, the front fascia. Whereas the Avanza possesses a much more aggressive front end with its wide grille and sharp headlights, the Veloz seems much more chiseled and exudes a distinct sportiness and premium quality. By no means is the Avanza an ugly car, it’s just that the looks of the Veloz can resonate with a wider range of people, let’s just say, it’s more approachable. 

Veloz Engine Bay

Toyota has done a good job of differentiating the two vehicles, though the Veloz has strayed away from the pack, both it and the Avanza can still garner their audience. By giving the two nameplates their distinct identity, the two cars can each shine on their own. Even if underneath, they share the familiar 1.5-liter 2NR-VE four-cylinder naturally aspirated gasoline engine. 

Speaking of the past again, the Avanza carved out its niche in the market as an affordable option for consumers with a budget under P1,000,000. While the previous generation introduced the Veloz variant to the Avanza lineup, it had trouble standing out, especially in the company of the Toyota Rush. 

Now though, the Veloz doesn’t have to worry about that.  With the recent transition to a unibody chassis and numerous enhancements to both its interior trim and exterior design, the Veloz stands out effortlessly both in showroom displays and on the streets. While the Avanza remains the go-to choice for budget-conscious Filipino families seeking a seven-seater MPV, those willing to invest a bit more for unique exterior styling and additional features now have an option with the Veloz.

Seven-seater crossovers that match the tech and safety offerings of the Toyota Veloz at its price point are very few. A notable feature is the inclusion of Toyota Safety Sense (TSS), addressing the market demand for advanced safety technologies driver aids, and a few upgraded entertainment features.

In the Veloz, TSS encompasses a pre-collision system, automatic high beams, lane departure alert, and, exclusive to the top-tier model, blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert. Though it’s only exclusive to the top-trim V variant, the P1,250,000 price tag is still a considerable steal.

Regarding technology, the Veloz boasts an array of features such as an eight-inch or nine-inch touchscreen compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a six-speaker sound system, and smart keyless entry with push-to-start ignition.

Additionally, tech features include electronic stability control, hill-start assist, speed-sensing door locks, and a reverse camera equipped with rear parking sensors. In the top-tier model, added luxuries include a wireless charger, panoramic view monitor, and electronic parking brake with auto-hold functionality.

If you asked us before the arrival of the new Veloz and Avanza, our answer might have been different, but now that we’ve discussed the features and upgrades the Veloz has over its MPV sibling, our answer will have to be a big no.

Veloz Moving Shot

Sure, it might be hard to see the Veloz as an all-new model separate from the Avanza because of how similar it is. However, as far as well-equipped, seven-seater vehicles go, it’s hard to find a vehicle that can compare to what the Veloz offers for its price. 

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