How much does it cost to insure a Ford Territory?

Insurance is a necessity if you want to protect your investment. There is no shortage of uncertainty and dangers on the road, so you want to make sure that there is more than just a coat of wax on your vehicle. 

As such, insurance is the key to this invisible layer of protection. Owners of the Ford Territory will be pleased to know that there are multiple insurance providers that are ready to provide you with protection on a yearly basis. Here are the prices and what you need to prepare for your vehicle. 

It’s recommended that you go for a comprehensive insurance plan, and not settle for the standard third-party liability insurance policies that are provided by default with every vehicle registration. 

Comprehensive insurance policies protect you and the third party involved in an accident. As such, it will help you bring down your repair bill from tens of thousands to only a few thousand should an unfortunate incident occur. It’s the only policy really worth buying if you are looking to protect your investment. 

If you comb our website, you will find our Insurance Calculator. Just simply pen in the model and the variant that you have, and out pops all the providers with their yearly rates. That being said, prepare to spend about P21,000 to P28,000 per year on insurance from Malayan, Fortune General, FPG, and Mapfre. Here are the most expensive policies that are available per variant. 

These two prices are a ballpark figures according to our insurance calculator. For more accurate prices and the like, please head on over to the page and input your details to receive a free quote. After an application process has been completed, and you’ve availed of a policy, your vehicle will be officially insured. Making the purchase can take all but five minutes of your time, and you may even get your policy as fast as the next business day. 

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