How to repair a bumper dent

Your car could possibly accumulate a few battle scars over time, from minor wounds that can still be treated with the right DIY process to major damages like deep scratches and even more severe cases which require replacement parts. Taking care of your car goes beyond simply following its Periodic Maintenance Service (PMS), maintaining its paint job, knowing when to replace its oil, and even extending its battery life. Admittedly, sometimes you cannot avoid other mechanical mishaps and even those battle scars such as scratches and dents, given that in mind, here’s how you can repair a bumper dent. 

Just a reminder, if you're not that confident enough to perform any of the suggested DIY repairs below, then we recommend you bring your car to your trusted shop instead. This is mainly for your certainty and in order for you to avoid any sort of conflict which could worsen the dent on your bumper. 

Plunger method for car bumper dent

Aside from unclogging toilets and other drainages, a plunger can also be used to repair small dents on your bumper. The process is simple, first, is to prepare your plunger, have the dent wet and then pull until the dent pops out.

car bumper dent boiling water method

This has got to be one of the most classic DIY repairs to a bumper dent. If the dent you're trying to fix is plastic, then it can be treated with the help of boiling water. The first step is to boil your hot pot of water, afterwards, you are going to pour the liquid onto the dent. Once you’ve done that, reach behind the bumper and you should be able to push the dent outward. After doing it successfully, you can finish it off by pouring cold water on the repaired area of your bumper in order for it to cool and set the plastic.

Bumper dent Blow dryer method

Your mom’s hairdryer could also be a useful tool in repairing a bumper dent. You’re just going to have to blow dry the blemished area for about 3 minutes. Once you’re done with the first step, put on some gloves in order to protect your hand from the heat as you push the dent outwards. 

If the dented area is on a metal surface, then here’s the proper procedure for you. Aside from the hairdryer, you’ll also be needing tinfoil and ice. Cut a piece of tin foil that’s larger than the affected area. Set it aside for a while and then heat the dent with the hairdryer for about 3 minutes, remember to hold it about 6-inches or so from the dent. Once you're done, wear your gloves and get the tinfoil you’ve cut which will be used to cover the surface. Just like magic, the dent should pop out in just a few minutes. Do take note that this process requires patience, as your desired result could possibly come in not one, but even two or three tries.

Create your own suction device for the bumper dent

Who would’ve thought that there are a lot of household items that you use as tools to repair dents on your car. You can actually create your own suction at home using a pot or bucket and vacuum cleaner. This method is applicable to those dents that are not on a plastic surface or simply it’s in an area that cannot be reached from the inside. There should be a hole at the bottom part of your bucket or pot, attach it to the dented area with the use of tape. Position the vacuum cleaner and let it suck over the hole. This should repair your car’s dent.

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