Car paint

One of the things that makes your car attractive is its paint. As much as you want to, you would like to preserve its appearance and maintain its mint condition over time. However, there are things that could ruin your car’s paint. 

So the question is, how can you take care of its body to prolong its life and preserve its luster?

Washing your car

Built up dirt and grime can cause damage to your car’s paint. If not cleaned immediately, it may cause long term harm to your car’s appearance such as corrosion and rusting.

We get a lot of questions as to how often vehicles should be washed. Rule of the thumb – wash your car when it’s dirty, especially during rainy season as raindrop markings are harmful if left unwashed. Use soft, clean cloth when washing your car and avoid using detergents or any kind of strong soaps as they could also destroy its outer coating. Better yet, seek trusted professional car wash services for your convenience.


Waxing may sound fancy but aside from making your car squeaky clean and shiny, it also leaves a protective coating that can preserve your paint. There are many kinds of car wax out there but you can refer to your ride’s manual for the correct type to use.

Moreover, avoid applying the wax to the rubber and plastic parts of your car because it can cause permanent stains.


We all know for a fact that we’re living in a tropical country where humidity is pretty high. Thus, rustproofing your car can ensure the longevity of its paint. Moreover, if you’re in the areas near the sea, this is necessary as there’s high concentration of salt in the air.

You can also use the rustproofing compound to the underbody of your car for added protection against corrosive elements that you could get from the road.

Avoid stains

Car stains may look not that harmless especially in small amounts. However, no matter how big or small they are, they could permanently ruin the paintwork if not removed promptly. Splattered bugs, spilled fuel, bird droppings, fingerprints, and ash are just few of the stains that you should be concerned about.

To know more about these stains, Ford shared some tips on how to remove them.

Cars are inanimate objects that aren’t able to wash and protect themselves from harmful elements. That’s the reason why maintaining them is a must and a responsibility that owners should keep in mind.

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