Rain Carwash

With unpredictable chances of raining, getting your car soaked is inevitable. Some might take this as an opportunity to save a few gallons of water for a free car wash. However, that isn’t the case. Relying on rainwater to make your car squeaky clean is bad. 

Rain isn’t pure because it accumulates pollutants and contaminants from the air during its descent. This could damage the coating of your precious car which would eventually contribute to rusting.    

To put things in perspective, rusting can happen when there are cracks on it. Just like any other liquids, rainwater can seep into it to reach the unprotected metal parts which can cause rusting. 

In addition to that, rain won’t really wash away the dirt and grime that are already on your car. Once dried, it will seal the stains on your car which will make them difficult to remove. If your car’s clean by the time the rain falls, you still won’t be spared by its peril. Dried rain could still leave a thin layer of pollutants that could destroy your car’s overall luster and finish.

Next time your car gets an unexpected shower, it’s better to have it cleaned at the nearest car wash station. Always remember, the rainy season isn’t the time for free car wash.

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