Is the Isuzu mu-X still worth it

The Isuzu mu-X nameplate is a favorite among SUV buyers for its reliability, feature set, and fuel efficiency. While it may not have the most powerful motor available on the market it has more than enough to get the vehicle moving to highway speeds in a matter of seconds. That being said, with its newest version already in the market with a new design and a new look, does the Isuzu SUV still have what it takes to win over prospective buyers as its previous versions did?

Isuzu mu-X new Chassis

SUVs aren’t exactly known for their ride comfort, however, there are a few of them out there that give a great and comfortable ride. Isuzu has done well to move into the realm of comfort for the new mu-X by giving it a new chassis to work with. The seven-seater SUV now rides on the brand’s Isuzu Symmetric Mobility Platform which it shares with its pickup truck counterpart the Isuzu D-MAX. This gives the SUV an improved ride over its previous version. It also helps give it a bit of a boost in performance when it comes to its off-roading capabilities thanks to the changes such as stiffening that Isuzu did to the chassis. With that in mind, this improvement works well for those who still want a rough and tough SUV but one that can also handle well in the city.

Isuzu mu-x engine

Under the hood, the Isuzu mu-X still packs quite a punch. It still has its two engine options ranging from the powerful 3.0-liter to the fuel-efficient 1.9-liter. The 3.0-liter motor now pushes out 187 hp and 450 Nm of torque, while the 1.9-liter motor produces 148 hp and 350 Nm of torque. This puts the mu-X on par with its rivals in its segment. While it isn’t class-leading figures, it's a big improvement over its previous iteration that at its most powerful was pushing about 175 horsepower. With its newfound power, the mu-X can now go toe to toe with its more powerful competitors like the 180 hp and 450 Nm of torque mark is where most of its rivals lay in terms of output.

Isuzu mu-X six-speed transmission

It's still the old reliable six-speed automatic and six-speed manual transmissions for the Isuzu mu-X. Isuzu found that there was no need to replace these gearbox options as there weren’t any problems with them. So expect the same shifting performance out of the SUV. This also means that with the much smaller 1.9-liter engine we can expect similar fuel efficiency figures for this variant even with the new body. This makes it great especially for those who missed their chance to buy the older model and want the newer one as it comes with more tech but much of the same familiar features of the older version.

Isuzu mu-x interior

Utilitarianism is what the old version of the Isuzu mu-X was geared towards. While its later version did get some more premium materials the design remained the same. This time around for its newest version, Isuzu has upped the ante giving it a better-looking and feeling cabin. The dashboard has been redesigned to be a bit taller but it now comes with a much larger infotainment system to help further its premium look at feel. The seats have also gotten a redesign to give you better support on the sides thanks to more bolstering. It also helps give the vehicle a slightly sportier appearance as well. Overall it's a big step up over its previous version and helps to put it in better contention with its rivals.

Isuzu mu-x infotainment system

Aside from the new cabin the technology that the mu-X carries has also been upgraded. The vehicle now comes with a 10.1-inch infotainment system that comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. On top of this, its safety technology has also been upgraded as well. The Isuzu SUV now comes with the brand’s Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) which gives the vehicle access to features such as a blind-spot monitoring system, rear cross-traffic alert, rear parking sensors, and a reversing camera. Aside from this the mu-X also gets forward collision warning, autonomous emergency braking, turn to assist, pedal misapplication mitigation, adaptive cruise control, manual speed limiter, automatic high beam, and a multi-collision brake system. With the new safety tech, the Isuzu mu-X is now a class leader thanks to its passive and active features. 

All things considered, the new Isuzu mu-X is still a big improvement over its predecessor. It comes with a design that might be a hit or a miss depending on the buyer, but its feature set and upgraded power are something we simply can’t deny. However, these upgrades do come at a price and that price is P2,450,000 for those who want the range-topping LS-E model. If the previous version was affordable, this newer one is a tad bit more expensive. But it is justified by the amount of new tech that it has.

Over its previous version, this new mu-X is safer and more powerful than ever thanks to the advancements that Isuzu put into the seven-seater SUV. That being said, it does take a bit away from the attractive price point of the older vehicle. Regardless, we think that these improvements are still worth the cost and overall uplift the nameplate to more than it once was. It's still a value-packed SUV that gives you a great amount of technology for a fair price. 

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