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Whenever we get asked about family cars, a certain template comes to mind, and that is seven seats, a frugal engine, and space for growth. That’s what manufacturers have latched on to for quite some time now. Most families need a lot of space, be it for strollers, groceries, or other family members who are part of the outing. 

You also need the car to last a while, so quality comes to mind, and a good brand behind that makes sense especially if these cars will become the workhorses of the household. As such, here’s a bunch of suggestions as well as some points to consider when choosing a family car. 

Toyota Innova Philippines

When a car is going to be used day-in-day-out, the last thing you need it to do is burn a hole in your pocket for all the fuel it’s going to consume. Luckily, there is a myriad of options out there that are available for you to pick. Perhaps the best option at this point is a diesel vehicle. The first vehicle that comes to mind is the Toyota Innova. The perennial favorite of most families in the Philippines, the Innova is an easy choice thanks to its frugal diesel engine and the mere fact that it is a Toyota

2021 Geely Okavango Urban Plus

If you’re willing to think about other brands, however, consider a hybrid. Toyota has the Corolla Cross, but it lacks a back row. The Geely Okavango springs to mind when talking about hybrid family cars. Its price is very enticing, and the mild-hybrid system in it can help it enough to be able to achieve diesel-levels of fuel economy. On top of that, it’s a rather big car with arguably the best interior in its class. 

Typically, you want to see fuel economy figures of around 8 to 10 km/L in the city, and about 15 km/L on the highway. That, to us, is a good standard and baseline to determine whether a car is fit for family duties without burning a hole in your pocket for fuel. 

Toyota Hiace Grandia Tourer

The ultimate Philippine family car, and the car that most big families go for in the first place, is the Toyota Hiace. Frankly, it’s got pretty much everything you need and nothing more. Lower trim levels aren’t the best when it comes to features, but if you’re a big family, the van is an easy recommendation. Other notable models can include the Nissan Urvan as well, it makes for a fine choice should you want something that’s not a Toyota. 

Then again, not everyone has the space to accommodate a large van. Frankly, size can be a detriment most of the time if you don’t bring around a lot of passengers. In truth, most seven-seat vehicles have enough space for most tasks. If owning a van is not up your alley, then perhaps a more compact option is in order. Options include the Mitsubishi Xpander and Xpander Cross, or if you want to go with another brand, its closest competitor would be the Suzuki XL7 or the lower-priced Suzuki Ertiga. These vehicles are also frugal, which tick the first check box in our list, so they’re all worthy considerations. 

2022 Nissan Terra

Truth be told, family vehicles are among the most abused cars on the road. High miles along with a lot of traffic take their toll on these cars, not to mention the plethora of situations and locations they will find themselves in. As such, SUVs can also make for a great option when shopping for your family’s car. The top recommendation at the moment is the Nissan Terra. It’s got enough power and torque for you to enjoy, but enough capability, practicality, and space for your family to do so as well. 

Also, most ladder-frame midsize SUVs are diesel-powered, making them a desirable pick in the market. To add, the size also doesn’t hurt and SUVs can offer you even more space in comparison to standard MPVs in the market. On top of that, SUVs have loads of ground clearance, typically around 200 mm worth which means floods and potholes can be taken with more confidence. 

If you’re not big on Nissan, comb the models of other brands like the Toyota Fortuner, Mitsubishi Montero Sport, or the Isuzu mu-X. These vehicles all make for great family-friendly units, and can also serve as your personal car to take into events or other fancier gigs. 

Now we know that cars can get quite expensive, and a family vehicle doesn’t need to be the most beautiful model out there, though it certainly helps! Don’t stretch out your budget too much for a family vehicle as the money can be put towards more important things like your household necessities or for your children's education. As a family man, you want to balance out your expenses and get the best deal possible. 

As such, try and shop around with AutoDeal and comb some of the best promos available in the archipelago. You might get a decent deal while you’re at it, and get the car of your dreams as well. After all, the most important metric in purchasing a car is price, and you can’t get it if you can’t afford it, right? Take your budget into consideration and stick to it. We’ve listed a multitude of options in this article in different price categories that may suit a majority of the car-buying market. Remember, the best car is the one that you may drive home to your family for everyone to enjoy. Happy hunting! 

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