Pickup Bed Throwdown

Whether for business or personal use, pickup trucks are reliable means of transport. With their rigid structure and various capabilities, they have the ability to carry huge amount of load, which depends on their payload capacity. No wonder, we came up with a concept of Truck Wars last year, where trucks go head-to-head to battle in context of popularity.

This time, we took the initiative to gather all the data about the beds of all modern pickup trucks in the country. We listed down their dimensions and payload capacity to give everyone a clear picture of how much each one differs from the other. By saying so, we'll be using sacks of rice, gallons of water, and, of course, beer kegs as criteria for measurement. Yes, you read beer right.

To standardize, 50L metal beer kegs weighs roughly 69 kg each when full; a sack of rice is 50 kg; and a gallon container filled with water weighs about 3.7 kg each. In addition, every item will be stacked accordingly (if needed). Get the picture?

So without further ado, let's start filling in. *hold my beer*

Isuzu D-Max 

Known for products that typically carries large amount of payload, Isuzu's contender in the segment, the D-Max, isn't just a load-carrying brute. Recent updates sports fresher looking fascia with its revamped grille and more prominent bumper. Not only that, the pickup truck from the Japanese marque can also switch from 2WD to 4WD at speeds of up to 100 km/h. 

So, how much it could carry, you ask? The D-Max could allow as much as 1,085 kg of payload weight; with dimensions of 1,485mm for its length, 1,530mm for width, and 465mm deck depth. 

  • Max no. of beer kegs: 15
  • Max no. of rice sacks: 21
  • Max no. of water-filled gallon containers: 293

That’s more than enough to keep the party going for days!

Ford Ranger 

Bearing it's company's history, the Ford Ranger locks in both performance and the looks. The Ranger’s top-of-the-line variant is powered by a 3.2L turbocharged engine paired with either 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission. 

The Ranger's truck bed is slightly longer, with 1,540mm in length. It measures 1,560mm side-to-side and 511mm from deck to the edge of its bed walls. Of note, it can carry an impressive 1,121 kg of anything.

  • Max no. of beer kegs: 16
  • Max no. of rice sacks: 22
  • Max no. of water-filled gallon containers: 302

Extra rice is always the best.

FOTON Thunder

For a pickup with 161 horses and 360 Nm of torque generated under the hood, the Thunder is unmistakably a tough transporter with its 2.8L turbodiesel powerplant. Even more, its exceptional value makes it a more cost-effective choice in the local market among the other competitors. 

With impressive 1,520mm-long bed, with width of 1,580mm, and deck depth of 440mm, the Thunder's truck bed offers considerable amount of space. The Thunder could carry a load of 1,085 kg.

  • Max no. of beer kegs: 15
  • Max no. of rice sacks: 21
  • Max no. of water-filled gallon containers: 293

That’s already a supply of beer for a music festival. *flushes*

Chevrolet Colorado

Make way for this American truck badged with the bowtie logo. It's the Chevrolet Colorado with its smooth exterior detailing. Power is exceptional with the American pickup truck, with the top of the line variant equipped with a 2.8L diesel engine, churning 200 hp at 3,800 rpm and 500 Nm of torque at 2,000 rpm. That's good looks plus performance, minding that the Colorado has the highest pulling power on this list. 

The Colorado has a 1,534mm long bed, spanning up to 1,484mm side-to-side, and 584mm deep. It can carry 1,003 kg of load. 

  • Max no. of beer kegs: 14
  • Max no. of rice sacks: 20
  • Max no. of water-filled gallon containers: 271

‘Drink moderately’ and ‘drink 8 glasses per day’ do contradict. Don’t they? *hics*

Mitsubishi Strada

Another contender from Japan is the Mitsubishi Strada with its distinct exterior design. The Japanese brand claims that the pickup has improved aerodynamics, which optimize fuel efficiency while lessening cabin noise. In addition, its all-wheel drive setup and 2.8L diesel engine gives the car 181 pure power of horses with 430 Nm of torque.

With 1,470mm length, 1,520mm width, and 475mm deck depth, the Mitsubishi Strada could handle 1,035 kg, full-load.

  • Max no. of beer kegs: 15
  • Max no. of rice sacks: 20
  • Max no. of water-filled gallon containers: 279

You can make a purified small swimming pool with this amount of water.

Toyota Hilux

With 8 generations attached to its nameplate, the Hilux has really stood the test of time. This aggressive-looking truck doesn't only feature sleek exterior elements, such as the chrome grille complemented by a forward-leaning bumper, it also packs an expanded knee room for added comfort.

With approximately 1,000 kg of total payload capacity, this aggressive truck from Toyota has a bed measuring 1,525mm long, 1,540mm wide, and 480mm high from deck to the tip of the bed wall.

  • Max no. of beer kegs: 14
  • Max no. of rice sacks: 20
  • Max no. of water-filled gallon containers: 270

That’s enough beer to get drunk every day for months; enough water to stay sober weeks after. *chuckles*

Nissan Navara

With its tough looks and the Nissan logo pressed against its grille, the Navara is one off-roader to watch out for. This is because the truck features a fully boxed ladder frame that hikes up its stiffness. Not to mention, it is equipped with 5-link rear suspension that provides good amount of comfort despite traversing rocky terrain. 

For Nissan's flagship in this segment, bed measures 1,503mm long, 1,560mm wide, and 475mm deep. Moreover, it has a maximum payload capacity of 964 kg.

  • Max no. of beer kegs: 13
  • Max no. of rice sacks: 19
  • Max no. of water-filled gallon containers: 260

Beer, rice, and water go well together. Maybe.

Mazda BT-50

The BT-50 pickup truck from Mazda is a living proof that curves and meanness is a great combination. With 3.2L 5-inline engine mated with a 6-speed automatic or manual transmission, this truck has a power of 200 hp and 470 Nm of torque.

Bed for the Mazda BT-50 measures 1,549mm long, 1,560mm wide, and 513mm deck depth. It can allow 1,000 kg-worth of load.

  • Max no. of beer kegs: 14
  • Max no. of rice sacks: 20
  • Max no. of water-filled gallon containers: 270

For doomsday prepping, just pick your item above.

Now that you have an idea about how much these heavy-loader trucks can carry, we hope that you have a clear picture of what to buy for your use/business. However, it would be best to see each unit for yourself. More so, note that all variants used in this article are the range-toppers, while the details about the payload capacity were provided by the manufacturers.

Photo courtesy of Albert Bridge (keg) and Spike Call (rice sacks).

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