Taking care of your car’s windshield and windows

Owning a car comes with responsibilities in order to keep it in pristine condition. One of those duties is maintaining its windshield and the windows. However, you might be unaware of the things that are ruining them instead.

To guide you on that, here are the things that you should take note of when cleaning your car’s glass parts and preventing damages. Remember, prevention is less costly than replacements due to irreversible damages.

cleaning a car's window

As a way to keep your windshield and windows clean as often it is important to immediately remove bugs, bird droppings, tree sap, watermarks, and other stains from the glass. This will ensure the longevity of glass and will help maximize your road visibility. 

Make sure to use high-quality glass cleaners that do not contain ammonia to clean the windscreen and windows. Ammonia can be not only harmful to the glass but to your health as well when inhaled. It can also destroy car tint, which will ruin the physical appearance of the glass. If glass cleaners aren’t available vinegar and alcohol can also do the trick. Just make sure that you use a microfiber cloth or cotton towels to make the clean-up process go as

windshield wipers

Another way to keep your windshield as clean as possible is to properly maintain your wiper blades. Your car’s wiper blades are responsible for keeping your windshield clean when it’s raining. If they are broken or dirty, the wiper blade will not be effectively clean the surface. Worse, the metal part of the wiper blades could even come in contact with glass which could lead to permanent scratch marks. 

It is best to regularly clean your wiper blades, especially when it’s in the rainy season. Use a damp towel to wipe off the excess dirt that has accumulated on it. Moreover, if the blades look like they are broken or damaged, make sure to replacement immediately. 

car parked inside

While your windows and windshield can withstand harsh exposure to the sun, they still have their limits. Sunlight can weaken the glass, which can then damage it over time and shorten its lifespan. This is why, if possible, park in areas where there is plenty of shade available. This will not only protect your car’s interior from the heat of the sun but will also help protect the glass from deteriorating. 

cars on the highway

Aside from chemical damage, your windows and windshield can also receive damage while on the road. These come in the form of small pebbles or rocks that have been kicked up by the vehicle in front while driving at speed. This is why you need to keep your distance from the vehicle in front in order to help protect your vehicle from these small projectiles that can chip your glass as well as your paint. That being said, keeping your distance isn’t all bad as it doubles as a way to help protect you from accidents as it gives you more time to stop your vehicle.

closing car door gently

Slamming the car’s door is one of the most common forms of expressing anger and frustration. However, this is something that your windows and windshield won’t appreciate. The intense vibration from the door slamming can loosen the adhesives of the glass if repeated over time. In addition, if small cracks (that aren’t visible) exist, the impact from slamming the door can worsen the damage, which means extra costs for repair.

Your windshield and windows are one of the primary safety features of your car. Keeping them clean and intact is important for you and everyone else’s safety, just like any other maintenance duties that come with owning a car.

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