Top 10 things to do at an auto show

Whenever we attend trade shows, there are a ton of things that we have to do in order to properly cover the entire floor. Aside from the brands present at the show, aftermarket companies and even car shows are also a part of the experience. 

Fitting everything in will be a hassle, so we’ve “narrowed” everything down to just 10 things that you have to do at a tradeshow. We say “narrowed” because we feel that by doing these 10 things, you can still get the full experience of the show. We’re just left out a few other things like posing next to models and buying a car among other things. 

Car Show Schedule

Most trade shows that are well organized will publish their schedules and their list of exhibitors a month to a few days in advance. If you’re on the fence about going to a particular show, this is a good way to determine whether the show will be worth a day, a morning, an afternoon, or not at all. 

If you like what you see, however, plan out your day, and be sure to position yourself well for the showcases that the brands have planned. On top of that, and in between the showcases, find time to walk around and admire the rest of the exhibitors’ efforts. 

AutoShow Launches

Now that you’ve determined that you’re definitely going to the show, carry out your plans and attend the launches of your favorite brands. Everything from new product launches to unveilings, and lineup showcases will be made available to you at the show. The great thing about a show is that it’s not just an audio-visual experience, but it is also a very tactile experience as well. Look inside the cars, and get a chance to sit in some of them. Just be cautious and respectful of other show-goers so as to not sour the experience for them. 

Nissan Navara

Not all brands at trade shows have confetti and a car to launch. Sometimes, they’re just there to show off their stuff and strike a pose with the rest of the industry. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go to them either. Check out their lineup and their booth. They might have coffee waiting for you there. 

Hyundai Ioniq 5

While you’re at the booths, it certainly won’t hurt to get a bit of literature and social interaction going on while you’re there. One of the “games” that we play while we’re at events like that is to see who among us can collect the most brochures. If you’re into cars, it’s likely that you’re also a fan of collecting memorabilia like spec sheets and even price lists. Check out the specs, and do your own comparisons with real paper. It’s a treat to see your favorite car or your next purchase laid out for you in your hand. 

Autoshow Things to Do

As stated previously, one of the great things about tradeshows is that it is a tactile experience. Exhibitors will more often than not, allow you to get up close and personal with the latest and greatest that they have to offer. Sitting in some of the newest cars that the industry has to offer is an experience for others, or sometimes a picture-worthy moment that’s sharable on social media. In any case, don’t be shy or afraid to ask if you could experience the car for yourself. In fact, why don’t you ask if the brand is holding a test drive around the event grounds? Just remember, no shoving, shouting, pushing, or creating a scene! 

Ford Everest Philippines

Now, if you really want to be able to feel how a car drives, it’s likely that the brands have a setup outside that’ll allow you to test drive their vehicles. Doing so will allow you to really get a feel for the vehicle behind the wheel. 

Auto show freebies

In addition to the free literature, brands may sometimes offer freebies for eventgoers. Whether it’s based on a spinning wheel of destiny or drawing a lot from a fishbowl, receiving a freebie is always one of the high points about going to these shows. Don’t limit yourself to the car brands as well, since many aftermarket brands may have something for you to take home. Everything from free merch, free catalogs, and even free samples may be part of the menu of free items that you can score when going to a show. One time, we got a little carried away with the freebies. Some of us went home with engine oil, bottles of car shampoo, a copious number of stickers, numerous lanyards, a stack of brochures, a sizeable amount of t-shirts, and some caps. 

To be honest, it’s easy to get carried away here and end up with a load that’ll be hard for you to carry, so do prioritize the stuff that you actually want and save the rest of the freebies for people that’ll actually need them. 


On that note, make sure to document everything that you find interesting and all the cars that you may or may not be able to afford in the near future. There’s nothing wrong with posing next to the cars or taking some beauty shots of the (car) models to post on your social media accounts. It’s nice to let the world also know about what cars tickle your fancy. Make a post, make a story or even a short video recap of your experience. There’s no harm in sharing your passions. 


It’s also important to remember that you’re only human and that you need fuel to keep your energy levels high. Concessionaires will be available during the show to provide refreshments for guests for a nominal fee. Bring money or load up your online payment accounts before the show for a seamless transaction. 

Tokyo Auto Salon 2023

In addition to new cars, there are also some owned cars in the trade hall that were made by one of the aftermarket exhibitors, or entered by an owner. There are some pretty interesting things to be displayed here, and while not every build will be to your liking, there will definitely be a few that steals the show. 

Changan Eado

Because there’s a lot of ground to cover, it’s likely that you will miss a few things along the way. So go online and browse the latest updates from the show. It’s likely that members of automotive media will be there as well. If you’re lucky, you could catch Caco’s antics live before it even gets posted on the internet. 

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