Top 5 aftermarket products that can help enhance your vehicle

Modifying your vehicle doesn’t have to be as complicated as it seems. There are a plethora of aftermarket parts available for almost any kind of vehicle available on the market today that will help enhance its looks and its features. Be warned as there are parts out there that may seem cheap but aren’t as durable and may even be detrimental to your car. With that said, we have created a shortlist of aftermarket modifications to your vehicle that will not only enhance its looks but will also add a little bit to help improve its performance. We have also included a few services as well that you should go for to further protect your vehicle and to keep it nice and clean for a longer period. 

DTE pedal box

Most vehicles available on the market today will come with drive-by-wire technology. This means that the electronic control unit (ECU) is the one in charge of telling the throttle body what to do and how much it should open relative to your pedal input. With that in mind, a throttle controller or a pedal box can help give you a more linear feel to your driving experience. These will help increase your throttle’s sensitivity giving you a more responsive drive out of your vehicle. While these products will not necessarily give you more power out of your vehicle, they will give you a better dynamic driving experience with the throttle response that it offers.

performance tires

Another aftermarket modification that can help you get more performance out of your vehicle is going with a better set of tires. If you are one to occasionally go out for a spirited drive, a stickier set of tires will do wonders to the performance of your car. Tires after all are your car’s only contact patch with the road, if this fails you could end up in a ditch or worse. With that in mind, a grippier set of tires will do wonders if you want to maximize the handling of your vehicle, especially if you stick within its factory specifications. Do note, however, that stickier tires may cause your fuel economy to go down by just a little bit as they will have a higher rolling resistance compared to the tires that came with your car.

aftermarket wheel

A great modification to pair with your stickier tires is a set of lighter wheels. Having lighter wheels on your vehicle will require less power from the engine to turn them, giving you a little bit of a boost in terms of performance. It’s a minor improvement but it will be noticeable on your daily drive especially when you brake as there will be a less unsprung weight that your brakes will have to deal with. If paired correctly with a light set of tires, these aftermarket wheels may even help improve your vehicle’s fuel economy as there will generally be less weight to move around. These are a great addition to your vehicle if you want to enhance its handling performance in general, they won’t be cheap as a good set of lightweight wheels can be expensive, so do your research when considering more budget-friendly alternatives. 

aftermarket brake pads

Another aftermarket part that will help enhance your vehicle is a better set of brake pads. Not all brake pads are made the same as each come with unique compounds that come with their pros and cons. While the stock brake pads on your car will give you more than enough stopping power even in the event of an emergency, you still have the option to go with performance pads. These performance brake pads will give you more stopping power from your stock brakes but do keep in mind that there will be a few drawbacks to it. These drawbacks may come in the form of either more brake dust or a higher optimum temperature. Just a bit of a backgrounder some performance brake pads need to reach an optimum temperature for them to give you their maximum stopping power. While these performance pads are still usable on your daily drive, just keep in mind they won’t be able to give you their 100% immediately compared to your stock brake pads. Nevertheless, this is still a great modification to consider especially if you like to go on long drives or the occasional Sunday spirited drive. 

chassis bracing

If you want your vehicle to handle just a little bit better, then chassis bracing can help you improve your vehicle’s handling. While the stock form of your vehicle is already stiff as it is especially for daily driving, if you want to get more performance out of it, it will need to be stiffed up. This is where chassis bracing comes in as it helps reduce the amount of flexing that your vehicle’s chassis goes through when cornering hard. This also transitions the load of cornering to your suspension and tires which in turn gives you a mechanical grip advantage. 

Before you buy, take note of a few disadvantages that may come with chassis bracing. There will be more weight added to your vehicle as these chassis reinforcements can sometimes be on the heavy side. Something else to keep in mind is that to maximize their effectiveness, these chassis bracing are best paired with an aftermarket set of suspension components such as coil-overs or with a set of sportier springs and shock absorbers. 

If you aren’t one for putting modifications and you want to keep your vehicle within its warranty then there are other services you might want to consider that will help preserve and enhance it. These will help keep your vehicle nice and clean as well as in top condition for a longer period alongside its preventive maintenance schedule.

car protection

If you want to keep your vehicle shiny and new for as long as possible and keep it protected from light scratches then we highly recommend investing in paint protection. This can come in the form of a thin film, waxes, or even ceramic coating, all of which will keep your vehicle’s paint as clean as possible for a longer time. The film protection is one of the better recommendations as it will act as a second skin to your car’s paint further protection from any outside elements. It is important to note though that the film will need to be replaced every so often as the film can become light damaged over time. 


As most cars are made of an alloy of some kind of metal, it is important to make sure that it is protected from rust at all times. Rust is the silent enemy of all vehicles as it can slowly eat away at components if gone unchecked. This is why having your vehicle rustproofed is important as it can protect vital components from rust happening. It is also especially important to have if you bring your vehicle off-roading or if you have to bring it through flooded areas.

car insurance

One of the most important and highly recommended things that you should get for your vehicle is car insurance. Car insurance will help protect you from huge expenses that you might incur through your ownership experience. Coverages such as collision insurance, comprehensive insurance, property damage liability, and bodily injury liability can all help you cover the costs of expensive claims if an accident happens. Aside from this, it can also help save you time, give you peace of mind, and in some cases even supplement your health insurance. With that in mind, this is why we highly recommend that you get car insurance for your vehicle. 

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