Yellow traffic light

Red is stop while green is go but what about when the traffic light goes yellow? Sounds like a riddle, right? Well, it can be considered to be like that to some extent. However, there’s a simple explanation on what you need to do when the traffic light switches from green to yellow.  

Many drivers go full racer-mode upon seeing a yellow-lit traffic light. But, driving faster just to avoid getting stuck on the intersection spells real trouble. Obviously, a yellow light is an indication that the traffic light is about to turn red. If we translate it in lingual form, it's the word "caution."

When the light goes yellow, the safest and most ideal thing to do is to slow down – mainly because you should prepare to make a full stop.

However, here’s the tricky part. When the light turns yellow and you find yourself about to cross the intersection, it is recommended to continue but do it with extra caution. You should only stop when it is possible to do so, as you also need to check the distance of the vehicle behind you. Obviously, if the other vehicle is too close, sudden braking will result to a collision. So it is advisable to gradually slow down and pass the intersection.

Good thing, some (if not all) traffic lights in the metro are now integrated with a countdown timer, which hints when the light is about to switch from one color to another. Still, don’t race pass a yellow light and risk your safety.

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