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Speed kills – that’s a sweeping generalization that will be challenged by some, especially those who have the urge to burn some rubber. However, no matter how much the detractors try, this statement will always hold true; and the World Health Organization (WHO) has the numbers to back it up.

Just in time for the National Road Safety Month observed during the month of May, the WHO discussed how speed affects road safety in the recently concluded 4th UN Global Road Safety Week. These include data about pedestrian injury and death risk, stopping distance, and death ratio – all in relation to vehicle speed.

To get a clearer picture, here’s an infographic for the data gathered by the WHO:


Ratio of speed-related deaths

Speed and Pedestrian Risks

Speed and Stopping Distance

We can’t stress it enough – safety should be every motorist’s number 1 priority. So, obey the speed limits for yours and every road users’ safety.

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