Which car should I buy, Honda Jazz or Honda City?

AutoDeal has become a one-stop shop to find promos, check specs, and compare vehicles – an essential help for those who are planning to buy a car. We have articles, a car guide, and a comparison tool, but we have yet to receive actual questions from our readers…until today.

We received an inquiry through our Facebook page, asking our opinion on which car should he get – the Honda City E CVT Limited Edition or the Honda Jazz V CVT.

The conundrum is understandable, as both models are powered by the same engine and on the same ground when it comes to price, while having minimal advantage over the other when it comes to specs.

To help him with his inquiry, we took the question to our resident writers. It’s quite perfect, actually, as each of them has their own personality and hobbies, which could greatly bring out subjective insights from them.

Jacob is a musician, who flies by night and rocks his heart out on local bars in the Metro. On the other hand, Dan is an artist who takes his creativity in poetry and visual arts. Meanwhile, Martin is a bachelor who’s not sure if he’s going to act as an adult or to YOLO more. Tough dilemma. Last but not the least, Yabee is a family man who has a need for speed, a beautiful wife, and a cute little daughter who likes pink cars.

Jacob “The Rockstar”

Given a choice between the Jazz and the City Limited Edition, I would personally choose the Jazz. Simple – it looks sportier than the sedan and has that “gwapo” aura. Plus, I could take its appeal a little further, considering all the accessories I could add to complement its design.

A carbon fiber spoiler at the back plus new cool rims will definitely do the trick, which can be highlighted by lowering the car. Although it has a smaller trunk space, it can be maximized by folding the seats down (including the passenger’s) – just perfect for my guitar and other band stuff to fit into the vehicle. 

Dan “The Artist”

When asked about having a City or a Jazz, there is only one car that traveled from my neurons to the muscle tissues of my mouth – Honda Jazz. Of course, the City appeals with a longer body and additional luggage area, but the practicality of having a smaller vehicle will always be, if not top, the rightful choice for a person like me.

Being a (slightly) introverted person, I tend to travel alone without much things with me, or in some cases with only a handful of like-minded friends. All I need is a small compact vehicle that could bring me to the most unpredictable places where I draw my inspirations from. This, I think the Jazz will do just the right thing (after all, all I have with me is a pen, notebook, and a laptop).

Yabee “The Dad”

With both choices having practically the same safety features, I’d probably opt for the car with more luggage capacity over anything else. The Honda City E Limited Edition has 536 L worth of trunk space, which is 152 L more compared to the Jazz. This means I can stow away more items safely in the trunk such as the groceries, my baby’s stroller and bags, and many more without sacrificing interior room. 

Although the Jazz can fold its seats (front passenger and rear), it would mean that I would have to sacrifice the passenger capacity of this hatchback. In the long run, I can see myself selling this hatchback for a bigger vehicle to fit my family’s needs.

Martin “The Bachelor”

Choosing between the City and Jazz is a tough choice for a guy who’s caught in the middle of adult life and carefree lifestyle. Both vehicles can suit my daily routine such as travelling to and from work. Initially, I plan on picking the Jazz over the City because it could give me a youthful vibe like making me feel that I’m 19 years old again. However, I realized that I’m not getting any younger and driving a Jazz could soon be not my thing.      

With that in mind, I choose the City because I think this car will better suit my daily needs in the next 5 years. Same with Yabee’s opinion, I find the City’s trunk space more useful in terms of cargo needs. Plus, the City is more of the family-oriented car as compared to the Jazz. As such, I think that my parents will be more comfortable in the City’s relatively larger interior space every time we go for a Sunday drive. 

Choosing between a hatchback and a sedan is tough job, but since these guys live their lives differently, we can see how certain lifestyles fit into a certain type of car. 

Do you have questions just like the one above? Don’t hesitate to send us a message on our Facebook page, or email us at feedback@autodeal.com.ph. We’ll be more than happy to answer them for you. 

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