Cars that suit Ms. Universe-Philippines Maxine Medina

The entire globe has only 3 days to go before the grand coronation of Miss Universe 2016, where 86 gorgeous contenders will compete to be crowned as the most fitted woman – who is “confidently beautiful with a heart.”

Competing for this year’s crown is Philippines’ Maxine Medina, who is undoubtedly an eye-catcher – and we love her. We so love her that we stalked her Instagram (IG) account and found out that she has quite a taste in cars; she just recently acquired an A-Class Mercedes Benz.

She loves it, especially its carbon fiber interior as she cited on her IG post (not to mention that she’s an interior designer, apart from being a model).

The A-Class is a cool car, however, with the facts we got from our stalking, we can’t help but wonder what other cars could fit Maxine’s personality; cars we can’t resist to fantasize seeing on her IG posts.

She’s keen on interior detailing

With her strictly trained eyes for details, there is no room for a usual and boring cabin. Of the many car models out on the road with classy interiors, brands like BMW, Lexus, or Audi fall into category.

However, wouldn't it be cool (and hot at the same time) to see a woman driving a more muscular car? – in her case of empowering women, a Chevrolet Camaro or the facelifted Ford Mustang. Due to her strong feminine personality and sexy physique, we can’t help but imagine her stepping out of the finely finished leather interiors of the said cars, leg-first.

She loves the beach, she surfs

For the love of the sea, we have found out through hours of stalking that Maxine loves the beach – and is also into surfing. Now, imagine Maxine Medina driving a grey Mini Convertible S from Puerto Princesa airport to El Nido, Palawan, which is a 5 to 6 hour roadtrip. (of course, we found out about her favorite color and beach, too).

Slightly smaller than her current car, the Mini Convertible S won’t be a ‘stranger’ drive for our beauty queen. More so, the stylish exterior features of Mini could be associated with Maxine’s jolly personality as observed on her social media posts.

She is into active lifestyle

With her fit and ‘straight out of magazine’ body, it is no doubt that our contending beauty queen spends decent amount of time at the gym, add the fact that Volleyball is her favorite sport. With the toxicity and amount of stress she faces every day, a Nissan Juke, a Ford EcoSport, or a Mazda CX-3 could be a perfect vehicle for her.

However, we also found out that she is into mountain hiking. This could require a more spacious car for equipment and gear storage – an SUV, a pickup, or a crossover could be a practical pick. With this kind of activity, a crossover like the Subaru XV; a midsize SUV like the Mitsubishi Montero Sport; or a pickup truck like the Toyota Hilux could be her weapon of choice.

Family comes first

The amount of love she has for her family is unmatchable. We’re quite sure that they share a lot of adventures together, as we learned that she loves to travel with them. Adventures are most enjoyable in a spacious car for long roads and challenging terrains, which means a larger vehicle is needed.

Here, a full-size SUV like the Ford Expedition will suffice her family’s long drive adventure. With its huge cabin, the Expedition could accommodate 8 members of the family-slash-relatives. We’re quite sure that all adventures are all covered with its safety and technology features, even more with its comfortable seats and legroom.

The Filipina beauty is truly incomparable, what more for an independent, family-oriented, and strictly disciplined woman like Maxine. After all, one of man’s true weaknesses is a woman behind the wheels, and we think seeing her in these cars is straight out of a petrolhead’s dream.

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