Why small cars are best or city driving

When you live in the city, space comes at a premium, which is why driving a longer and larger vehicle could prove to be a hassle. This is where small cars come in as they offer you a compact form factor that also won’t break the bank. They also make great commuter vehicles as they come well equipped with almost everything you need to make your trip more entertaining. With that said here are a couple of reasons why small cars are best for city driving.

Suzuki Swift

One of the main reasons why a small car is ideal for the city is due to its size. These vehicles come with dimensions best suited for tight spaces and typically come in lengths under the 4-meter mark. This allows these to maximize tight street parking spots as well as small garage spaces. Aside from this, due to their compact form factor, small cars are also more maneuverable compared to their much larger brethren.

Parking space

Smaller parking spaces

Whether it is at home, on the street, or in front of a store, parking spaces can be a tight squeeze for bigger vehicles, especially in the city. Parking a pickup truck or a large SUV in these spaces can be a hassle as they take up a lot of room. This isn’t the case with small cars as they leave more than enough space on either side for a comfortable entry and exit way. That said this gives them an advantage as they can easily make minced meat out of a small parking spot. Not only is it easier to parallel park, but you don’t have to be as picky about the size of the slot you’re going to park in. 

Narrow streets

Narrow streets

Another challenge that becomes easier with a smaller car is navigating through narrow streets. Most of the small cars available in the Philippines come with a width that is smaller than 1.8-meters which makes them easier to maneuver especially through narrow streets. These vehicles also eliminate the need to fold your mirrors when allowing another vehicle to pass through. Aside from this, small cars also have small turning circles which will allow you to input less effort in maneuvering the vehicle in the event that you need to turn around in a tight space.

small car engine

Aside from their size, small cars also come with the benefit of getting much more fuel-efficient engines. With less weight to lug around these motors will deliver you great fuel economy while in the city. While these might not be the most powerful engines available on the market, they are more than sufficient for the city and are able to quickly accelerate these small vehicles. On top of that, these engines deliver enough power to get the vehicle up to highway speeds, letting you go out of town for the occasional trip. With the average motor size of small cars being between 1.0 to 1.4-liters in displacement, you can expect to see double-digit fuel economy figures on the highway and in the city.

Chevrolet Spark

Smaller care generally costs less upfront, hence their attractive price points of under P1,000,000. It makes them ideal for those working under a budget as they can save more in terms of outright price and maintenance compared to buying a much larger vehicle. Aside from that smaller cars also come with the same commodities and features that you get from bigger vehicles but at a fraction of the price.

car financing

Easier to finance

Thanks to their sub P1,000,000 prices, these vehicles are also lighter to finance. Depending on which downpayment or monthly scheme you go for these will be significantly more affordable to pay for compared to that of a much larger vehicle. However, this will also depend on the variant you have chosen and the constraints of your budget. That being said, however, small cars are still more affordable than that of a bigger MPV, SUV, or even pickup truck.

car maintenance

Affordable to run

Since small cars also come with small engines these are easier to look after compared to their bigger displacement counterparts. These engines are simple and easier to take care of and need little to none of your attention to work properly aside from their routine maintenance. This translates to significant savings in terms of time and money.

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