8th Manila Auto Salon

So much has been said, the Manila Auto Salo feels like a celebration of anything under the sun of car tuning that allows parts manufacturers and auto service shops to gather in one place and offer their services to the consumers. Throughout the years, the event featured Italian sports cars, Japanese car culture, American muscle, and today, the off-road tamer, which makes it a more family-oriented place to shop and upgrade their SUV for the weekend adventure.

But hey, whether you’re a run-the-mill driver or a hardcore enthusiast, here are ten good reasons to drop by. 

1. Watch the BYD F5 move via remote control

BYD is actually present for this years’ Manila Auto Salon with their lineup of three cars. One of which is the F5 sedan that feature a remote-control operation to park its vehicle using the key fob just like in a James Bond film “Tomorrow Never Dies”. It was actually both cool and a freaky experience to see a full-size car turn its own wheels and crawl at to the speed of 1.7kph. 

BYD is saying that this feature is very handy during the rain or you need to park the car in very tight spaces. Catch this demonstration and be amazed for yourself how BYD is stepping up the game. 

2. Meet the BYD F0, winner of the Philippine Micro Series race

Hats off when there’s a chance to meet the BYD F0 (pronounced as FZero) race car, the subcompact that won this years’ Philippine Micro Series that coincided with the final leg of the 2014 Circuit Showdown season. Powered by a 1.0L, 3-cylinder engine, the BYD F0 has exceeded the expectation you’ve come to find in a car but with the extra punch of athleticism for both city and on the racetrack. 

3. Drive a lap in a racing simulator at Federal Tires’ booth

Take a sit and welcome the supportive bucket seats and the electronically weighted steering wheel as you drive a racing simulator at the section of Federal Tire, maker of high quality performance tires that originated from Taiwan. Other than the racing simulator, they are also showcasing their full-range of products for every vehicle application ensuring that you get value for money and safety. 

4. Get to know Garmin, the leader in GPS technology

From airplanes, boats, and even cars. There’s a good reputation behind the Garmin product that boasts a user-friendly interface, easy-to-read screen, and ultra-sensitive chipset that locks your location without any cellular assistance. When you drop by at the Manila Auto Salon, you get to experience a first-hand demonstration that goes within the software of this reliable product that proves to save you time and fuel out of every commute no matter where you are in the Philippines.


5. Dine and see Atoy’s custom built business trucks

A talented coachbuilder I must say, Atoy Llave is one Filipino we can be proud of who’s advocacy isn’t limited to making every car unique but also to deliver a multi-functional yet effective advertising-business truck that will truly standout from the busy crowd. 

This years’ Manila Auto Salon, food trucks made by Atoy Customs are on the floor serving you delicious meals from Master Siomai, Hungeryan Raf hotdogs, and Shawarma Brothers. So if you fancy starting a mobile business such as this, the Manila Auto Salon would be the perfect place to check them out. 

6. Complete your car tools and detailing needs

A true car enthusiast will always find their hands dirty from time to time. They love toying around with their car by doing a quick detailing job all by themselves. To start off with your weekend regimen for some car love, a brief inquiry from Mothers, Glaz Experts and Microtex will give you what proper investments to make. 

If you’re on the lookout for some handy tools, people from AEG Tools, Blu-point, and Snap-On will be very much willing to help and provide you with the best deals as well.

7. Avail of discounts from participating exhibitors

Manila Auto Salon has always been a “one-stop-shop” motoring experience that will give you the chance to avail huge discounts from different manufacturers. From car maintenance products, performance parts, racing needs, audio upgrades, security and mobile electronics, tires, mags, and tools. You can enjoy as much as you can with the best deals in the metro, plus the learning to prepare you from every customization you desire in the future. 

There is also a booth for those who are looking for car-themed shirts and an opportunity for a weekend die-cast haul.

8. Stare at a tasteful number of cars on the floor

No car show has ever gone wilder than the 8th year of Manila Auto Salon that features cars with their shiny custom paint job and the great amount of customization that highlights Filipino resourcefulness and ingenuity.

Before I forget, rare cars like a Volkswagen T4 pickup, Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Troop Carrier, Morris Mini, and a B16-powered Suzuki Swift is also on the floor. Here’s a good to gather tips on restoration, maintenance, and upkeep. 

9. Or take photos of beautiful women

Along with cars sporting beautiful lines, beautiful women will also be present on the floor with their glamorous body matching the feminist character of the automobiles showcased in the event.

10. Try the fun games and earn freebies

Get to try a game offered by manufacturers as you roam around the convention center and get a chance to win a prize such as this from AEG Powertools who’ll generously give out a free AEG Impact Drill for the participant who gets unbolt a tire the fastest time possible. 

Lastly, it is always a good reason to stop from a days’ hard work and enjoy a moment of visual pleasure. For a car nut, the sight of vehicle wrapped in passion is a curious journey within us. We have always been in daydreaming as to when will our own motoring project will commence and the Manila Auto Salon is one of the best avenue to fuel those who are keen to do just that. It’s a stress-relieving activity that can be a learning experience as well. 

Manila Auto Salon 2014 will take place from November 20- 23, 2014 at the SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City. A four-day event showcasing Filipino ingenuity through custom rides and a “one-stop-shop” for your parts and accessories needs. So go ahead, it’s the Christmas holidays coming in fast and it’s the perfect time to reward ourselves anyway. 

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