2018 Isuzu Truck Fest

Isuzu, seated as the number 1 truck brand in the Philippines, shows off its latest lineup of light- to heavy-duty trucks at this year's Truck Fest. Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) has unveiled the Blue Power N, F, C, and E-Series trucks, while highlighting the perks of choosing the Isuzu brand. 

We've all heard about Blue Power for the first time last year, when Isuzu rolled out the mu-X and D-Max with an eco-friendlier Euro 4 diesel engine, dubbed as the Blue Power.

“Our company has been the consistent No. 1 truck brand in the country for 18 years. Isuzu globally is known for its durable and dependable trucks that can withstand the challenging business operations, but what is more important is the support that we provide to our clients along with every purchase – and this is the Isuzu Advantage.”

Before launching the vehicles, Isuzu highlighted its different customer support programs it offers. The Isuzu Advantage is now available in more than 40 dealer outlets in the country. In addition, a 6,000 sqm warehouse facility was built in aims to make their parts available nationwide. Part of the presentation was Isuzu's Mobile Medic, which can repair trucks at the comfort of the customer's garage, or anywhere on the road. 

Seen in the event is the N-Series light truck that was showcased in seven different bodies. This series is composed of the NLR87 and NLR85 4-wheel trucks, as well as the NMR85, NPR85, and NQR75 6-wheel machines. There are 2 engines available in the series. The 5.2-liter 4HK1-TCN engine powers the NQR75, while a smaller 3.0-liter 4JJ1-TCC and 4JH1-TC powers the rest of the lineup. 

NLR77 Blue Power with FlexiQube Body

The NLR77 Flexitruck  

NLR85 Blue Power with Refrigirated Van cooling by MIT-AIR

NLR85 Refrigirated Van cooling by MIT-AIR 

NMR85 Blue Power Cab & Chassis

NMR85 Cab & Chassis 

NPR85 Blue Power Aluminum Van  with tailgate

NPR85 Aluminum Van with tailgate

NQR75 Blue Power Dropside

NQR75 Dropside

NKR71 Blue Power with NCOOL Fruehauf Refrigerated Van by DENSO

NKR71 NCOOL Fruehauf Refrigerated Van cooling by DENSO 

Special Fruehauf Refrigerated cut-away van body

Special Fruehauf Refrigerated cut-away van body 

The F-Series medium truck glimmered with three new Blue Power-fied models, namely the FSR34, FVR34, and FVM34. All models were powered by a 7.8-liter 6HK1-TCN Blue Power engine for the FSR34 and FVR34, and 6HK1-TCS Blue Power mill for the FVM34. In addition, these trucks feature multi-leaf front and rear suspensions, plus automatic door locks, as standard.

FSR34 Blue Power Flatbed

FSR34 Flatbed

FVR34 Blue Power Dropside with crane

FVR34 Dropside with crane 

FVM34 Blue Power G-CARGO Fruehauf Wing Van

FVM34 G-CARGO Fruehauf Wing Van

The C&E-Series, comprised of the CYZ, EXR52, and EXZ52, wrapped up the entire truck series at the show. All trucks bear a 15-liter 6WG1-TCR engine the powers the truck with 395 hp and 1,863 Nm of torque.

EXR52 Blue Power Tractor Head with Trailer and CYZ52 Blue Power Dump Truck

EXR52 Tractor Head with Trailer (left) and CYZ52 Dump Truck (right)

EXR52 Blue Power Tractor Head

EXR52 Tractor Head

The display didn't end there as Isuzu also showcased the D-Max pickup truck in different attachments. The display ranged from the D-Max having a FlexiQube body to bearing a crane.

D-MAX Blue Power with FlexiQube body

D-MAX with FlexiQube body 

D-MAX Blue Power with Refrigerated Van by CoolAire

D-MAX with Refrigerated Van by CoolAire

D-MAX Blue Power with Crane

D-MAX with Crane 

And, for the first time ever in the history of the Isuzu Truck Fest, the Japanese automaker displayed the Q-series. The QKR77 in three different style were Isuzu's answer to the Philippines' public utility vehicle (PUV) modernization program. These light-duty prototypes will be proposed as Category 3 and 2 PUVs. 

QKR77 Prototype

The 2018 Truck Fest also featured body builder brands, where customers raised their purchase requirements that same day. The brands included Centro, Almazora, Multi-lift, Pinnacle, Red Dragon, Columbian Motor, JVF, Denso, and CoolAire.

Customers may enjoy a P35,000 discount for every closed transaction until June 30, 2018. This is apart from the P10,000-worth of Isuzu parts coupon which customers may use in any Isuzu dealerships nationwide.

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