Isuzu D-Max ASEAN NCAP crash test

The launch of the 2020 D-Max in Thailand brought about much hype and anticipation for the new model locally. While there is no official word yet as to when the new model will enter the Philippine market, Isuzu adds one more reason to get the highly anticipated vehicle. 

Thanks to testing done by the ASEAN New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) the new 2020 D-Max has come out with a 5-star rating and total score of 83.16. The pickup truck was tested back in January and featured the 1.9-liter diesel-powered dual-cab version of the vehicle. With other countries sharing similar specifications, it is good news for the Isuzu Philippines vehicle lineup as the pickup truck could carry over the same safety features.

2020 Isuzu d-max orange

For the Adult Occupancy Protection (AOP) safety rating, the Isuzu D-Max was able to get a 30.76 total score out of a possible 36 points. The 30.76 is further broken down into the frontal impact test, side-impact test, and head protection technology. The pickup truck was able to score 12.36/16.00, 16.00/16.00, and 2.40/4.00 points respectively.

Child Occupancy Protection tests also revealed that the Japanese pickup was up to stuff and scored a total of 42.78 out of 49 points. This test is further broken down into Dynamic test, vehicle-based, and installation. The D-Max was able to score well coming in with 24.00 points for the Dynamic test, 9.00 for the vehicle-based test, and 9.78 for installation. These safety figures were based on child seats for 18-month-old and 3-year-old children. 

The Isuzu D-Max also did well in the Safety Assist category. It was able to score a 13.40 out of 18.00 points. The category is further broken down into effective braking and avoidance (EBA), seatbelt reminders (SBR), blind-spot technology (BST), and advanced SATs. The Japanese pickup was able to score 5.65/8.00, 5.25/6.00, 0.75/2.00 and 1.75/2.00 respectively.

With an impressive 5-star safety rating under its belt, it’s not hard to see why interested buyers will be clamoring for the 2020 Isuzu D-Max when it finally arrives in the Philippine market. 

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