2021 Nissan Note

Nissan isn’t done yet with its plan to add new models to its global lineup as it recently-launched the all-new 2021 Nissan Note. The Japanese brand has been on a roll lately as it has been releasing new models left and right such as the Nissan Navara, Nissan 400Z concept, and the refreshed Nissan Terra. This time around they have gone with a more environmentally-friendly vehicle in the form of the Note.

2021 nissan note exterior

On the outside, the Nissan Note still looks similar to its predecessor but has taken on the new design language of the brand’s current models. The hatchback now comes with a more rounded shape inspired by Nissan’s concept car turned production-ready electric vehicle the Ariya. At the front, the Note comes with the brand’s signature V-motion grille that is flanked on either side by slim LED headlights that come paired with thin LED daytime running lights as well. Moving on to the front bumper, and there are a few cuts to give the vehicle a more futuristic look like still remaining clean. Further accents can be found on the lower bumper where its fog lights reside. It comes in what appears to be a matte black to contrast with the body color.

Going to the rear of the vehicle, and the Nissan Note comes with full-width taillights similar to those found on the Ariya, which compliments its front design. Aside from that the rear of the vehicle also comes with a hatch-mounted spoiler. It also comes with black cladding on the rear bumper to give it a tougher and sportier appearance at the rear. Other new additions to the vehicle include new 16-inch fan-shaped wheels that help further accentuate the futuristic look that the hatchback is going for. Aside from this, the Note comes with 13 available color options including two two-tone options. 

2021 Nissan Note interior

Stepping inside of the Nissan Note, and you are greeted with a two-layer dashboard design that comes with minimalistic design elements. It also comes with a large “floating” touchscreen infotainment system that comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for certain variants. There is also a large digital instrument cluster screen that departs from the traditional look found in Nissan’s other vehicles. A large center console is also present that comes in two layers. The first layer houses the electronic gear shifter while the second layer acts as extra storage as well as a place to charge your mobile devices. Nissan has also added “Zero Gravity” seats to the vehicle along with large armrests for added comfort. 

Nissan Note safety

When it comes to safety, the Nissan Note is also well equipped. The Japanese brand has included the latest version of its ProPilot system as standard to the hatchback. This gives the vehicle access to features such as Navi-link which syncs to the navigation system on highways and detects the speed limit signs. It will then in turn adjust the vehicle’s speed in order to adhere to the posted limits. The system also uses navigation data to look further ahead of the vehicle to assess the angle of upcoming turns to adjust the vehicle’s speed accordingly. 

2021 Nissan note power and chassis

While the exterior design looks similar to its older model, underneath is where the real changes were done to the Nissan Note. It now rides on an all-new chassis that was designed to accommodate the new e-Power hybrid power train. Power figures have yet to be announced by the Japanese brand, however, we suspect it will be similar to that found on the Nissan Kicks. Nissan did state, however, that the electric motor torque has been increased 10% while its power output is up by 6%. Its power inverter has also been upgraded with a newer unit that is now 40% smaller and 30% light compared to other e-Power vehicles. The Nissan Note is currently available as a single motor front-wheel-drive variant, however, the Japanese brand has stated that it has plans to release an all-wheel-drive dual-motor version soon. 

There is no word from Nissan Philippines if they will officially bring in the vehicle. However, it still could be a possibility as 2021 is right around the corner and all-new models could be arriving in the country soon. 

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