2021 Toyota Vios facelift

Toyota Philippines is continuing its momentum for 2020 as it has officially launched the facelifted 2021 Toyota Vios in the country. The Japanese brand has been on a roll in the latter half of the year as it has been launching new vehicles left and right following the long period of inactivity due to the lockdowns. First, it was the facelifted Wigo and now it's the facelifted Vios. 

2021 Toyota Vios exterior

While the new Toyota Vios still retains its familiar shape it does get a new set of 3-tier headlights, a new grille, as well as a new bumper to complement its new look. It comes with a more modern design resembling that of the previous generation Toyota Corolla Altis. It shares in the much sleeker LED headlights as well. Moving on to the back similar to that of the front its lighting elements also get the LED treatment at least for the higher variants of the popular vehicle.

2021 Vios backup camera

On the inside, like before, the refreshed Vios remains familiar. While the layout hasn’t changed Toyota has enhanced certain models in the lineup to give them a slightly more sportier feel. G variants now come with a new smart entry feature as well as a push to start button. These top of the line models especially in their automatic trim also now gain new drive modes, Eco Mode, and a Sport mode for the top of the line G CVT variants.

2021 Toyota vios safety

In terms of safety, Toyota has decided not to change the already excellent and functional kit of the previous generation Vios. The sedan carries over the 3 or 7 SRS airbags, ABS with EBD, Brake assist, vehicle stability control, and Hill-start assist control. Another added feature is that the G variants now come standard with a backup camera.

“You can count on TMP to stay true to our promise of making the world’s best Vios, and in the process, helping the economy, and providing livelihood to thousands of Filipino families”

He continues by stating “With the New Vios, we have once again reinvented the Filipino’s most preferred car. With its upgraded design and new features, we can truly expect the New Vios to LEVEL UP YOUR DRIVE!”

The refreshed Toyota Vios now comes at a more affordable price than before for its higher trim-level variants. With the purchase of new Vios buyers can also enjoy free periodic maintenance packages up to 20,000 Kms, a 5-year warranty, and a one-year comprehensive insurance plan. Those who currently own a vehicle but want to get the new vehicle can also avail of special trade-in discounts which can make their dream of getting the vehicle much easier. Customers can also choose from flexible financial deals that can help them best suit their budget. Even still Toyota is making owning the new facelifted vehicle much easier as it is also offering it for its Kinto One leasing program.

Prices for the new Vios is as follows:

  • Toyota Vios G CVT (white pearl) P1,071,000

  • Toyota Vios G CVT     P1,056,000

  • Toyota Vios G MT (white pearl)   P1,012,000

  • Toyota Vios G MT                        P997,000

  • Toyota Vios E CVT                      P891,000

  • Toyota Vios E MT                        P841,000

  • Toyota Vios XLE CVT                  P841,000

  • Toyota Vios XLE MT           P791,000

  • Toyota Vios XE CVT (7AB) P753,000

  • Toyota Vios XE CVT           P747,000

  • Toyota Vios J MT (7AB)      P707,000

  • Toyota Vios J MT                P697,000

  • Toyota Vios Base (7AB)      P681,000

  • Toyota Vios Base                P671,000

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