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Daihatsu and Toyota have been making headlines these past few months and unfortunately, not for a positive reason. Several months back, a whistleblower's report led to an investigation uncovering what was termed 'procedural irregularities' in the company's handling and reporting of crash tests. In essence, Daihatsu was found to have manipulated vehicles to achieve higher test scores, tampered with results, and even neglected to conduct certain tests altogether. 

To rectify this and regain the public’s trust in both brands, Toyota has begun implementing steps towards this end. For starters, there was a major reshuffle in the leadership positions at Daihatsu with some leaders from Toyota stepping in to fill important roles.

Recently, Toyota revealed plans to restructure its international business operations aiming to “thoroughly prevent the recurrence of procedural irregularities at Daihatsu” Additionally, Toyota has also declared that it will relieve Daihatsu of its duties in developing compact cars. 

Toyota & Daihatsu Restructure Inline

Toyota will now assume control over the development and certification of models previously managed by its subsidiary, through the establishment of the Toyota Compact Car Company serving as a replacement for the Emerging-market Compact Car (EMCC) Company. Daihatsu will still contribute to the development of cars for emerging markets but it will no longer lead projects moving forward. 

Furthermore, Toyota Motor Asia will be formed through the consolidation of Toyota Daihatsu Engineering and Manufacturing Company and Toyota Motor Asia Pacific, operating as the regional headquarters.

Toyota Daihatsu Restructure 2

What that in mind, what does this development between Toyota and Daihatsu mean for us in the Philippines? Now that Toyota will take the helm in both the production and development of future compact cars, Toyota will spearhead the development of upcoming generations of vehicles such as the Wigo, Avanza, Veloz, Raize, the DNGA-based Yaris Cross, and Vios.

Of course, with this major restructuring going on there we can expect some major changes with the aforementioned models in the future. Only time will tell what these changes will be.

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