Toyota announces the start of Electric Hilux production in Thailand by 2025

Toyota is definitely not holding back; they're pushing forward with the electric Hilux set to begin production in 2025. 


Scheduled for production in Thailand, where many of Toyota's trucks are made, the electric Hilux is made for both new and traditional Hilux fans. The new model will feature an 84 kWh battery, which is expected to deliver a range of about 124 miles. The balance strives to keep the truck's functional use without the extra load that larger batteries might bring, which could cut down how much the truck can carry.


Toyota's plan isn't just about throwing out all old models for electric ones. They are taking it slow, integrating electric models alongside hybrids and plug-in hybrids. In this way, Toyota can offer something for everyone, which may be that they're ready to go fully electric or prefer a hybrid option. 


As reported by Motor 1, Pras Ganesh, a top executive at Toyota Motor Asia, spoke about the challenges and what the company is focusing on with the electric Hilux. He mentioned that making the truck have a good balance is tricky, as they want to make sure it has enough battery to go a good distance but not so much that it makes the truck too heavy and can’t carry much. 

"The more range I have to put on it, the more battery I have to put on it, which means the weight of the vehicle also becomes significantly heavier, which means the loading can be much less."

With this new electric Hilux, Toyota is preparing for a future where electric vehicles are more common, making sure they stay relevant and appealing to truck lovers and eco-conscious drivers alike. While the new Toyota Hilux isn't here just yet, you can take a look at the entire Toyota collection and ask for a quote on the model you're interested in.

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